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Wearing a Self-Portrait dress, Ananya promoted her upcoming movie at an event recently. Pair of strappy red heels are all that it took to round out the look. She wears the dress well.

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Ananya Panday At SOTY 2 Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • Agreed. This is not a strap it sandal. This is caged sandal. Why are they always touching their hair ?
      Karan Johar should send his nepo kids to some personality development school.

    • Why do I feel, all these celebrities need to be taxed heavily. We all work hard and only they get an exemption. This is rather pathetic!

    • she doesn’t pay for it herself…clothes are loaned to stylist who in this case being Ami Patel has more than her fair share of designers to pick free samples from

      • I’ve never really understood this concept about designers loaning celebs their designs to wear for free. After all, of the celebs don’t buy the clothes because they get to wear it for free, aren’t they losing the business of their main clientele. It’s not like the average person in India can afford designer wear yet they are giving it away to the demographic who actually can afford it, so how do they make money and how does it benefit them? Serious question.

        • Exactly my question. So say she got the dress for free from the stylist, but to what end? How many people in India will be able to buy this dress, so whats the point of loaning it for free. How do the designers make money?

    • Me thinks rich kid. Like Sonam was wearing all super designer stuff way before she made a career…this is just rich kids strutting their stuff. And as for the questions asked about buying clothes vs. loaning, I want answers too…if the designers loan everything, how do they make money? With wedding couture atleast I know there is a huge NRI/business/super wealthy Indian clientele but for these western dresses?

  1. Ananya is a naturally pretty girl but would would have been better if she waited for couple of years before entering into Bollywood. That way, her overall personality would been strong. Right now she lacks any individuality.

  2. Her look is age appropriate and fun… At this stage of where she is, it should be enough before she gets into the web of ‘dressing for a brand or image rather than for her self’.

  3. No!! shes turning out a big disappointment !! expected so much more from her!! another brainless “i cant even call him a star” kid!



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