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Both Ananya and Shanaya picked embellished Falguni and Shane Peacock dresses to wear to the designer-duo’s store launch in Mumbai. Wearing their hair down, the ladies rounded out their look with silver ankle-strap sandals.

Though they wore their minis well, can’t say we were big fans of either dress.

Ananya Panday (Left) And Shanaya Kapoor At A Store Launch

Ananya Panday (Left) And Shanaya Kapoor At A Store Launch


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’m often curious what you mean when you say they “wore the outfit well”. Especially in this case. They bring nothing, literally, nothing to the outfit. We would have the same responses if they were hanging on mannequins in the store. I’ve learnt that expecting personality from 18yos (or 22yos, or however old these girls are) is too much but there’s zero accessorizing or styling or any evidence of thought.
    just bung them in catalogues already and be done with it. they have no place in a fashion critique blog.

  2. They all look the same.. regardless of cinema or fashion. I want to see more of Sobhita Dhulipala, Kriti Kharbanda, Surveen Chawla and the likes.

    They both look like guinea pigs of Bollywood’s template and infact chewed fashion sensibilities (or the lack of it).

  3. I feel like Karan Johar is mentoring all star kids.. they all look half exposed, glittery uncomfortable clothing, polished, blank. Even though Ananya and Shanaya look good here, they look like twins.

  4. Vent alert:
    Can we please not have these completely nondescript nepo brigade featured here time and time again, for every random event they attend. They all look the same and wear the same kind of clothes and even have the same expressions..staring vacuously into the cameras. Zero personality, zero individuality and sometimes zero body of work yet hogging limelight (Shanaya). Maybe, the commentators should take a stand and boycott commenting on posts featuring these so called starlets, maybe the blogger will take note then. Can we please have more diverse fashion icons featured here from different fields of entertainment, film stars from the South/regional cinemas/theatre, sports icons…Seriously enough of Malaika, Tara and the KJ factory churned nepo lot. Its exhausting!!!

    • Agree. The female super stars of South – Trisha, Nayanthara, Anushka Shetty, Samantha, Keerthy Suresh all of them have great talent, great body of work, great looks, great individual dressing sense… yet we don’t see them much. They are humble, graceful and not attention seeking. Same way there are so many film stars in South we don’t get to see. Probably so many other celebs in other fields need to be covered.

    • Hear hear. Thank you for taking a stand. I appreciate that we haven’t had to deal with Shilpa Shetty’s third-grade sadee infusions for sometime now. Lekin who the heck is Shanaya (I know who she is, but what is her claim to fame – was Sanjay Kapoor ever a big enough star for her to even be referred to as a ‘star’ kid), and what could her fresh out of high school sartorial choices possibly add to the reason I (and others like me) come here?

      I used to love this blog. But I feel like the current political censorship rampant in India has had an impact here as well, and there appears to be too many guarded opinions, and walking on eggshells type of commentary. I understand that this platform may have evolved into a much bigger enterprise, given the sponsorships and ad placements and whatever else. But surely, there is still room for honest thought, genuine commentary, and most importantly, free speech?

      Please consider our request, and stop diluting this space with Karan Johar instructed/run of the mill reproductions who look, dress and present themselves not too far from one other.

      And definitely yes to more regional representation – the sartorial choices from queens of the South are screaming for a place on here. And unlike the mass productions similar to the above, they do deserve it. Peace.

  5. Just like the others I am also wondering why these star kids, specially Shanaya are featured here? Apart from her connection to a star family what is her claim to fame?None of these girls have any individuality, personality or style.


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