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While dining out in Mumbai recently, Amrita was photographed in a Dior anorak on two back-to-back occasions. Both times, she paired the monogrammed hoodie with boots and Dior bags.

Might be just us, but the choice to wear an anorak out to dinner just seems a touch random. That aside, can’t say we were the biggest fans of the looks themselves. Do you feel differently?

Amrita Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks like she hit up Canal street for some fake stuff and walked out wearing all of them at the same time. Replace the Hey in WTHeyy with another letter.

  2. Omg ! I’m sorry.. but YUCKkkkkkk.
    Seriously this group has such varied personalities, there’s Karishma the og of class, Kareena a bit ott but still super, Amrita + Malaika the bottom line of tacky, confused, in your face and
    Maheep + Seema : overly ott and others..

    • sDoesn’t every group ?? And clothes may /may not/ a small part / full on be reflective of personality/es .Passing judgement basic of clothes is just the worst of all .

  3. channeling Nat P, not in a good way. why do brands like CD make such hideous clothes and bags? with the luxury pricing, you would expect more thoughtful design


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