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Not too long ago, Amrita stepped out to brunch wearing a whole lot of Dior monogram. More recently, she was spotted in a puffy coat-dress one that she paired with a Dior logo belt. Her accessories that day included a Balenciaga bag and pair of Malone Soulier sandals. Not a fan of that logo overload. Feel differently?

Amrita Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can understand Bollywood being tone deaf and continue to wear Balenciaga but I thought HHC was quite concerned about worldly causes and political correctness, yet they continue to happily feature and tag the brand on the site.

  2. Hard to look past how she’s sucking in her cheeks, kareena style.
    Just smile.
    Chiseled, sharp face structures aren’t the only pretty type!

  3. Does Balenciaga send all their stuff to India now since no-one else wants to wear them? HHC, do you have to feature these? Maybe not featuring them would mean these celebrities stop wearing them? Also, she looks ridiculous.

    • I guess they do send to India, when they have such willing buyers in KJo & Co! Just saw a pic of KJo today in a Balenciaga shirt while returning from Sid-Kiara wedding. Talk about being tone deaf


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