Of Ruby Hues

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While one wore a ruby hued sari, the other donned on some serious rubies… Which does thee covet more? 🙂


Nagma (Far Left, Left) And Tina Ambani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. will take the rubies any day. most indian women seem to go to seed in their late 40s, but i think tina munim still looks good neck up. and those rubies definitely add to the glitz…i am tellin’ ya the older you get jewelry is your best friend.

  2. mj: thats really interesting. never though about that!

    those are some serioussss rubies!! and the diamonds make them stand out even more.

    disagree with ‘Flower Power.’ the pale saree brings the rubies out even more. a dark saree would just drown them.

  3. @kg, tina munim was hot wasn’t she. Marriage obviously took its toll!
    @Adit..hahah i had the same experience with Malaika Arora! She looks wayyy better in photos

  4. I agree with Ngm82… Nagma’s saree has a gold tone to the embroidery… some nice Jadau/kundan with a gold base would have looked lovely… or even emerald based jewelry… And I really dont like Ngama’s blouse… it’s very mumsy and could have either had work on the bodice area, or then could have been worn with the bodice area covered up by the pallu… Tina looks really elegant… She cant really be sexy now given that she’s ‘Mrs. Ambani’ but I think this combo looks nice on her

  5. I like tina ambani’s rubies for sure… sari is good but in the second picture, it looks like she is not wearing it right.
    Nagma’s sari is in fact eye catching but her jewelry just dont go with the sari…

  6. is that Tina Munim of 80’s bollywood fame???? woah what happened to her face??? – in particular her nose? – anyhoo – neither is working for me but I’ll take Tina’s rubies over both outfits.

  7. I actually like Tina’s sari combined with the jewelery. Its very sophisticated and understated. She’s not in good shape and the sari doesn’t flatter her, but on its own, its simply gorgeous.
    Nagma’s sari+jewelery are nothing special.

  8. though nagma’s sari isnt bad… tina ‘s is stunning and so is her jewellery but why doesnt that surprise me…. deep pockets and jewellery is never an issue…


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