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As she was out in Mumbai, Alia was photographed in a L’Agence jumpsuit. Black booties and gold-toned oversized hoops were among her accessories of choice. She did good!

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t remember Alia looking this chic or professional. Ever. More than the childish frocks she’s usually espied in, this track seems to work in her favour exceedingly better. Besides desi wear, of course. But this is probably the first instance in which Alia looks older than she usually does. And that’s a good thing! She looks her age here. I was tired of seeing her in outfits which only enhanced her baby-face and made her look much younger than she was. It almost seemed that she was afraid or incapable of rounding off something that required a little more maturity or grace. Just goes to show you: there’s no beating timeless classics of elegance, or pure and simple sophistication.

    However, is it an appropriate dress to casually tour around the city in? Probably not.

      • Limelight? How on earth would the limelight benefit me? I’m not a celebrity. And I’m not interested in being one either, thank you very much. I write my opinions. I think I’m allowed to have and express them, hence the comment feature. And if you would read, you’d see that I’ve spoken highly of her appearance. I’ve compared it with her other sightings; it’s a balanced review. Everyone has a personal style, something they tend to repeat often because it’s them. Or an extension of their personality, anyway. Like Kangana and sarees at the airport. Or Rekha in sarees always. Or Vidya in her sarees. Or Sonam in her experimental runway wear. Or Priyanka in her vulgar skin show circa her move to the West. But when you do something different and it works pleasantly, like Vidya’s recent run, which sane person would not draw comparisons from their old record and praise the freshness their new look has brought? It suits them. They should imbibe it. Playing it safe is not wrong. We’re all praises when somebody re-wears something. Why not maintain the same when they tend to fall in line with their own style? And I compare every celeb with their own style history. If I don’t like a look, I let it know. I’m not going to sway with what you find fashionable just to impress you or anyone else. And you’re allowed to express your opinion, too. By all means, let the world know how you feel about Alia’s this look, or anyone else’s. Just don’t attack me for doing the same. Have a great day, God Willing. :)


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