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Wearing a sparkly mini by Bershka, Alia promoted her movie on the sets of a television show. With her hair pulled back in to a sleek ponytail, she rounded out the look with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. Like the look on her?

Alia Bhatt On The Kapil Sharma Show Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wait a second, are the little white shoe decor flaps mismatched on the sandals? Like one is on the toes and one is on the heel? This is very puzzling and I cannot get over this lol

  2. Alia looks great here, she makes the outfit work for her, plus the hair and make up were on point’s a nice change of pace to see her wearing something else apart from Sabyasachi..

  3. Wrong shoe choice (also wow the ugliest Jimmy Choos I’ve ever seen), needed some accessories (earrings, bracelet?) and the dress should’ve been a size bigger. But I like the attempt at glam.

  4. Alia never seems to own her look. The slouch and body language make it look like she’s been caught playing dress up. A bit more confidence will go a long way in elevating these looks!

    • Well she is a confident actor, so perhaps she does her part (she is an actor after all not a model).
      But yeah, as this is a fashion site, we may critique her fashion confidence too!
      Though I wonder if BTS some of these actresses may be bit more introvert than they appear to be on screen. Just like some sports stars (Pete Sampras, who lives like a recluse now, and Naomi Osaka in recent times) voicing their issues with excessive spotlight. Spotlight comes with the celebrity tag but some of them may still be uncomfortable with it. Just a thought…

      • I think Dips is trying say is that she need to find her own style and what she likes. Its not about being an introvert or an extrovert or being shy or its not even about her acting skills.. its about her finding her own style and being comfortable in it..which is whats missing.

  5. Its surprising the color washes her out so much. The fit is weird .. and does not compliment even a petite girl like Alia. Somehow with her looks I feel there is a dissociation between her personality and what she wears.. like she does not enjoy her clothes is what comes across. Her stylist needs to find Alia s style.. we would love to see what her own style would be. The shoes just look like a home ec project gone wrong

  6. She always looks like she is playing dress up. A little girl trying to look like an exotic lady and she always fails at doing that. She should just try dressing for herself for a change.


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