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When it comes to Velvet, the Bachchans sure can’t stay away for long, can they?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore wide-legged velvet trousers that she paired with a silk jacket while taking in the Armani anniversary show at the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. She kept the accessories minimal and make-up fresh, but that was just about the only thing we can laud about this look. The outfit was much too severe and ages her dramatically. The look would’ve been perfect for someone older but on Aishwarya, it just didn’t work. There had be better Armani outfits that she could’ve chosen for herself. Or just a slimmer fitting suit à la Elisabetta Canalis.

P.S: Someone do us a favor and introduce Ms. Bachchan to Roland Mouret, Victoria Beckham Collection and L’wren Scott to begin with. We are hankering for a change. Conservative doesn’t have to be matronly.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan At Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2011 Show, Milan Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. Elisabetta has an toned body so she can easily go for slim fit suits, while aishwarya is trying to cover her extra weight with wide legged ‘black’ pants & one leg in front of the other 🙂
    But she would have easily looked better with some nice suit, hair color & makeup (her makeup at GQ awards was good).

  2. In this day and age, why would someone even conisder wearing a velvet pants!!
    The silk jacket is nice and would have looked great with a nice pleated skirt (in white or beige) and nice sandals. Sarrah Jessica Parker does it pretty well.

  3. Oh how I wish she had gone with different trousers. Why wear velvet trousers to Milan Fashion Week???? Gasp!
    There could have been so many many more options.
    She looks good waist up.

  4. Except for the Armani couture gowns seen on hollywood celebrities I have never ever seen a Georgia Armani outfit which I have wanted to wear/buy, his clothes are conservative and matornly, good to wear when one is +80

  5. How is velvet a big no? Maybe in India…but If you look at “western” designers velvet is pretty big right now just take a look at some RTW fall 2010 lines especially with D&G, Givenchy, Rochas and Versus(by Versace)…but I’ll have say I hate her hair colour it makes he look 10 years older

  6. Aishwarya frequently comes off looking like a “mother of the bride” especially in Western clothes. I really don’t think the ghastly dyed orange hair helps either. I have never understood the fascination Indian actresses have for dyed light hair and light contacts. Aish doesn’t need the contacts so she goes after the hair!

    Her natural black hair color would have upgraded even this dowdy pantsuit.

  7. why oh why doesnt ms bachchan dress the way she does her make up ? flawlessly…. . she shud seriously look for other designers … victoria beckham shud b a good start .. classy nd sexy . everything a woman shud b !

  8. Its getting kind of depressing seeing Aishwariya on here in one depressing outfit after another. On anyone else this pant suit might have looked o.k but sorry she just can’t pull it off.

  9. what on earth is that …jezus

    shes sitting next to megan fox and gorge clooney in the front row .. this is what the best she came up with … hell tell me it was a bad dream and some one pls wake me up :((((((((((((((((

  10. she is a classic eg of how a woman wastes her beauty. i really dont understand why a married woman in her 3os can not look sexy- even the normal public manages it. i am married in my 30s and would never dream of going out like that. and i wish she wuld stop posing like that- one leg infront if the doesnt make her look silmmer- its like she is stopping herself from needing the washroom.

  11. She doesnt really need conservative clothes, I mean she’s frequently see in plunging necklines and deep backs. She just needs a good stylist and stop trusting her own judgement.

    This outfit btw is just so BAD.

  12. I prefer this look and outfit any day over the lady with the “mogra”… gush over that lady’s look and diss this perfectly presentable and elegant look?!!?!

    Wow! I think I get your fashion sense now…..

    I’m not a fan of Ash or her styling but just saying….

  13. i personally think she is looking oh so stunning. atleast sumtimes u can dress ur age then trying to look younger by wearing fitted clothes. magnifique..

  14. Roland Mouret, Victoria Beckham Collection…REALLY???….then ash needs to loose some serious weight coz right now she cannot pull off either of these designer’s diggs

  15. I am not sure why the word “stunning” every time one sees Ash out and about….she is very attractive yes but not all the time people!!!

    I think we feel a bit disappointed that she was not as glamorous as she usually is for these events, but it was Giorgio Armani’s “La Femme Bleue” nearly all-black lace collection and she wore what was black, elegant and uncomplicated for the day event. For me, they both hit a high note with “Hollywood” big wigs…my favorite couple, George Clooney and his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, so down to earth!!

    My sister lives 15 minutes from Lago di Como and I have seen George C around and about just being a normal guy in his neighborhood, no one bothers him. He is not a show off just sooooooooo down to earth!

  16. Obviously Armani is Aishwarya Rai’s favorite designer [does she get to sport his design for free??]

    I think Ash likes the prestige that it brings when you are an owner of an Armani brand !

    If you are interested and you can’t afford Ash’s outfits, the least expensive of all Armani clothing label is the Armani Exchange clothing line which are sold toward North America and Asia.


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