AIFW A/W 2015: Pia Pauro

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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I expected more from Pia Pauro. First of all, this ersatz “Native American” culture (we can’t even be bothered to differentiate between the various tribes) theme has been mined to death by Isabel Marant. Second of all, didn’t we learn anything from the whole Pharrell/ Elle cover controversy? The headdresses are sacred and mean something. How is this any better than some Western designer slapping a picture of a Goddess on the crotch of a bikini bottom?

    I’m all for Indians taking on modernity, but if being modern means being just as disrespectful of traditional cultures as the modern world has been so far, maybe it’s time for some original thinking about what it means for Indians, coming from a traditional culture themselves, to be modern.

  2. Good lord..the headdress is in complete bad taste. Always makes me uncomfortable when designers appropriate other cultures for their own benefit.

  3. Why on earth is it so hard for fashion people to understand that CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS WRONG, especially when the culture being trivialized has such a long and horrible history of persecution and trivialization. So disappointed, hope people boycott the collection.

  4. The collection looks ripped off Mara Hoffman’s designs from the last 3 seasons. Just google Mara Hoffman and you will now what i mean!!!!!

  5. You two run a top-notch blog! And when I say this, I say it fully out of love for you two: you really should have called out Pia Pauro for the gross cultural appropriation. I love that jabong You have Karan Johar giving you shout outs in KwK. I’m pretty sure lots of celebrity stylists, celebrities themselves and/or members of their team visit your website and pay attention to what you have to say. You should use the influence that you have to call out injustices like this. Please do so next time!

    • Meant to complete a sentence there: I love that you previously called out another website for copying a gaurav gupta that Deepika wore.

  6. What’s wrong with Pia Pauro?Are our designers losing out on thought process and focus?Is it a garment collection or a Pia Pauro designed original headgear collection?I am confused.This collection entirely needs to be boycotted .Very sad that the selection team for such fashion weeks lack selection abilities.Sad.


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