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If you’ve followed Mr. Singh long enough then you know already that when it comes to promotions, the actor keeps it as interesting as his leading ladies.

While he was seen in more Anju Modi looks, he also sported a few other designers here and there.

Question is, got a favorite look?


Ranveer Singh at Bajirao Mastani Promotions


Ranveer Singh at Bajirao Mastani Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Thank you for covering him. I think RS has an amazing sense of style.
    I love it when people experiment with fashion. More often than not the success is being well dressed while trying something new and quirky. Not everyone can pull off these looks and I would say Ranveer wins in that aspect!

  2. My favorite is the first Anju Modi and the Shantanu Nikhil. Two such outfits and he carries them off with such attitude! Especially those Anju Modi designs – only a really brave or a really foolish man would try these in Bollywood 😀 And we know which one Ranveer is…

  3. I am no fan of the OTT Ranveer Singh. But this man is a breath of fresh air. He makes what other man wear look like a 5th class uniform. Am glad there is one of him in the world.

  4. Wow, that Anju Modi skirt! Its not that i love the look on him, definitely not an easy look to pull off! Very costume-y its on him aswell, however would love to see men experimenting the way Ranveer does!
    I love the charcoal-grey Anju Modi jacket on him! The fav is Rohit Bal outfit!

  5. He has the confidence and the charisma to pull these off. Special kudos for the skirt! A brave choice even in a nation of lungis and mundus.

  6. He is a true fashion icon. I couldn’t take my eyes off the post…!! Not becoz I got mesmerised, but becoz they are all so damn Instresting that I couldn’t resist just staring at them.
    Only a man with great confidence in himself can carry them off
    Love you Ranveer..!!

  7. Love all the anju modi outfits and the shantanu and nikhil one. Love the grey anju modi the most. He looks irresistibly suave. This man is so ahead of the rest in terms of fashion. He’s a genius. And he looks masculine and strong and sexy even in a skirt. Power to this gorgeous gorgeous man! Just adore u Ranveer.

  8. Trust RS to get a unanimous vote from ALL the ladies commenting !! How amazing is this man?!!
    I love every one of the appearances, except maybe the last green drapey one.

    Can’t for the life of me imagine another actor pull off a shaved head, rounded mousch and a choti, and with such swag!!

    I hope this inspires others to try out some stuff, especially indian wear, which is almost fail-proof.

  9. Thank you for covering !! 🙂 My favorites are the grey Anju Modi and blue Shantanu Nikhil (oh god!). This man’s confidence and positive energy is just amazing ! Even when I don’t really dig his outfit, it is impossible not to smile because he seems to be so thoroughly enjoying himself. Love !

  10. I love this bloke! He brings a smile to my face every time I see him, even in those overwhelming garments..because he wears them and owns every but of it with bucketloads of personality. The first two Anju Modi and the Sabyasachi are my favourite.


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