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  1. kismet at | | Reply

    loving the 3rd dress, also in the 8th pic, the dress in the back looks like its going to be nice, even the short one is nice too. its all very summer like.

  2. stylo at | | Reply

    funky & cute

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    I dont understand what that guy in the orange stripe T shirt is doing on the ramp. He looks like he just walked out of GAP.

  4. yaya at | | Reply

    omg i love this collection and all dresses are beautiful especially the mandrin collar dresses and graphic dresses

  5. Raspberry at | | Reply

    yea, its nice!

  6. cooks at | | Reply

    I love all the dresses…very different.

  7. an at | | Reply

    WOW…excepy for some desings….all the clothes r looovelyy………a breath of fresh air….

  8. an at | | Reply


  9. MM at | | Reply

    love it…. last dress – I wud buy right away

  10. yummy at | | Reply

    ohhhh … love em all …

  11. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    AArthi: I agree…except i think he walked out of Old Navy. .. LOL ! I love the rest

  12. Surbhi at | | Reply

    Loooove it.. fresh, exciting, hip, young.. and stylish
    and love the button detail on the tshirt

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    omfg :) I love this
    how cute!!!!!…although I agree with the Gap (Old Navy is right) comment lol
    (p.s. I see a new shiloette taking place)

  14. kinny at | | Reply

    great collectionnnn

  15. eclat at | | Reply

    Wow… lovely clothes- esp the blue grey strapless dress.

  16. moni at | | Reply

    Agree with @pdaervo,

    My favorite is the second row , left side , off white dress with bug orange belt.

    I hate the blue sherwani on the top row (right side) . Looks like it is borrowed from a local nautanki or a Band party.

  17. pdaervo at | | Reply


  18. Adit at | | Reply

    I also love the 2nd row, fresh collection, a little bit of everything…but all the same a lovely collection.

  19. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Original, fresh, bold statement clothes. Now who’s going to wear it, and more importantly, carry it off well?

  20. moni at | | Reply

    I meant “big orange belt” and not “bug orange belt”

  21. navs at | | Reply

    young !! Fresh !!

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