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  1. Amodini at | | Reply

    Ah! The ugly shroud theme!

  2. Fi at | | Reply

    Oh my God im loving this designers work… aaah!

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    The third look first row, Jewish attire along with the hairstyle from the earlier centuries.The last one – last row, a typical Kandura.

  4. Slc at | | Reply

    I am just not feeling these oversized jumpsuit related designs.

  5. akaa at | | Reply

    As someone already said.. these are just interpretations of traditional Jewish clothes.
    Kallol Dutta needs to change it up a bit.. he has the same color tones and same silhouettes since the past so many seasons.

  6. anne at | | Reply

    what she found various prints and wrapped them haphazardly on the models ?

  7. eclat at | | Reply

    I guess we will see Sona Mohapatra in any/ all of these soon enough :/

  8. Fergie at | | Reply

    Looks like a bunch of bed sheets draped over the models.

  9. Tinni at | | Reply

    I guess when you start believing that your own face is worth selling the garments then the end is near. Prasant Verma’s fashion career abruptly ended when his face appeared on his clothes.
    Let’s see what’s the next ploy to sell clothes in this industry?

  10. French Samosa at | | Reply

    No, no no.

    Kallol Datta is a joke. This looks like some sloppy amateur project. There’s no aesthetic here, just the desperate need to be oh-so-quirky. And that certainly doesn’t work.
    Big fail. HUGE.

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