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  1. sim at | | Reply

    P&P, these pop-up video ads on the posts are very annoying. Could we do something about them?

  2. zoyi at | | Reply

    Why do all the models (in this post and others of this series) look hungry/angry/tired ? It’s like they’re stranded in an airport for 2 days due to some storm and every ounce of energy and patience has been drained!

    1. gori at | | Reply

      its the latest trend … even in international ramp the models are dressed to look grumpy and the hairstyles are made out to imitate a bad hair day !

      for whatever reason it dosnt work here

  3. MJ at | | Reply

    I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed. I’ve never understood the hype about Bodice in general. Besides, there are other designers who pull this pIurposely-sloppy thingy way more convincingly. I get the androgenic vision, but the execution is severely lacking. My masterji can do better!

    1. MJ at | | Reply

      * pull off this purposely-sloppy thingy

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