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  1. lolita at | | Reply

    Wish there was a “neither” button to express my dislike for both looks! The less said the better!

    I’ve come to realize PnP has a soft spot for Sabina. She could be wearing a potato sack and you guys would go gaga over her “look”! Ruffled blouse on anyone else would instantly qualify a WTHEyy!

    1. S at | | Reply

      Looking different is *not* equal to looking fashionable in my book!
      But I think PnP like those who experiment a bit…

  2. SS at | | Reply

    Love Sabina’s sari!!

    Yawn……same Vidya, same look, different Sabya sari……yawn…..

  3. fashion outsider at | | Reply

    Oh Sabina…why do make me fall in love with your style over and over again! The bindi, the high neck, the ruffled sleeve, the bangles and the geometric print vegetable dye (?) saree …just perfect!

    lolita, i don’t think, it’s about a ruffled sleeve or any one particular thing that makes someone fashionable. I think P and P are considering the look in its entirety.

    1. Soho at | | Reply

      Agree! Sabrina’s Saree and overall get up is fab!! Her eyebrows look weird though..

  4. shireen at | | Reply

    Guess Sabina’s trying to be edgy with that bag lady blouse & curtain meets tablecloth sari, but it just falls flat for me- so I’m just not the audience.

  5. anou at | | Reply

    i think sabina looks awful. vidya looks attractive in comparison.

  6. saristyle at | | Reply

    Vidya – i refrain myself from commenting
    Sabina – that bedsheet which she has draped is awefully bad.would neva take it even for free

    1. zoyi at | | Reply

      Amen! Just my thoughts.

  7. crab at | | Reply

    I can’t believe i’m hating on Vidya(‘s look) for once, but I don’t like her saree at all. So garish.
    Sabina looks chic. Love the saree. Not so much the blouse. Is it ruffled on one side and long-sleeved on the other?

  8. Shanthi at | | Reply

    Vidya !!!! you should avoid such sarees. Now you are looking soooo very monotonous saree after saree. Ash looks so different in her Sabya collection. Sabya should make more vibrant and young and trendy looking collection for under 30’s. Sabina’s saree is cool. Looks like some kalamkari in the design, but never a fan of her

  9. Sherry at | | Reply

    Vidya actually doesnt look all that bad…PnP have something against her or what?
    and for Sabina…the look is more lacklustre and throwing random things together more than edgy..

  10. dn at | | Reply

    Vidya’s outfit looks scary, even with that angelic smile.

    Sabina’s kalamkari saree is nice, and I understand she wants to be edgy, but the drape takes it all away.

  11. Vini at | | Reply

    Both look awful. Less said the better.

  12. Adara at | | Reply

    Wthey for Vidya Balan. The Sari and the blouse both look trashy!

  13. aparna at | | Reply

    Love Sabina’s ensemble… I have been wondering how this blouse would translate off the ramp, and it looks GREAT!!! i wish i could buy one. Love the western influence on an indian garment. Although the saree could’ve been a better one.

  14. Dee at | | Reply

    Wat a star Sabina is!! now how does one get to work wid Sabya again!? (given thats the ONLY way i can be surrounded wid all tht he creates. sigh)

  15. piyali at | | Reply

    sabina’s sari was gorgeous and she even makes it look beautiful. Vidya is a disaster would not have believed this sari is a Sabyasachi but for the border… Vidya’s hair… o god!!!!

  16. Udaya at | | Reply

    WTH! Has Vidya suddenly turned into Queen of Kitsch???? Pathetic, is all I can say! Sabina fares way better but yeah as smone pointed out, I would rather use it as a bedsheet:)

  17. OFF/THE /RECORD at | | Reply

    Vidya Balan seems to be playing her Bhul Bhulaiya demonish part in real life too….the hair is scary and her only respite of changing her looks with her different hairstyles failed miserably this time….

    Sabina Chopra does choose the most unique and different ensembles but forgets the fact that they need to be worn well too…the fall of the sari is badly worn and seems more functional than style…Your fined !! she just destroyed such a beautiful and edgy saree….

  18. Jenney at | | Reply

    I Love Sabina’s sari, but is that a blouse with one full-length and one ruffled sleeve ?

  19. Amina at | | Reply

    I don’t think its double shaded tissue. It’s actually gold stripes on red continued as an extended border on the rest of the sari as well.

  20. Iris at | | Reply

    P&P, I think you’re doing something right! the last Vidya blog had so many peeps accusing you of favouritism, now Sherry’s alleging you have something against her :D

  21. ash at | | Reply

    Vidyas saree seems better suited to a wedding or something, its not a bad saree but not everyone looks great in fire engine red, and less said about that hairdo the better! Sabinas saree on the other hand is gorgeous – love the earthy kalamkari print with the rich border, only she can carry off such a quirky look.

    1. ash at | | Reply

      on an aside, does anyone know if Sabyasachis range of 3,500rs saree available in his mumbai store are any good? I mean are they just very plain and simple or do they have that sabyasachi ‘touch’ about them? Its just i know someones whos going to mumbai soon and was thinking of ordering………

  22. beezee at | | Reply

    Maybe i am wrong ,but i see too much of vidya in too much sabyasachi.

  23. shyba at | | Reply

    More votes to Sabina,a very different saree from Sabya’s collection,want to see the print Vidya’s blouse…

  24. mia at | | Reply

    sabina looks really awful. that outfit is too bonkers!

  25. jasmina at | | Reply

    goddd, vidya looks terrible in these sarees, she doesnt have the height and the blouses are always so busssyyy, terrible fashion sense, get a stylist vidya

  26. Priya Sharma at | | Reply

    Just loved Sabina’s sari. Kalamkari is an all time favorite. Vidya’s sari is awful………She should start experimenting at least with her blouse and choose different types of saris……..

  27. tipsyturvy at | | Reply

    sabina rulez

  28. Indian Saree at | | Reply

    Very very nice Indian Saree

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