1. I love it!!! She look frikkin’ awesome here…if I REALLY wanna nitpick…its gonna be the shoes…its just a tad too pointy…
    But seriously I would kill to look like this at her age!

  2. stunning , absolutely stunning !!!! does anyone have any info abt the bracelet she is wearing ( red thread strung with diamonds) i have seen so many of then wear the same thing ( shweta, jaya , natasha nanda) wonder wat is is.

  3. I think she looks pulled together for once, usually she looks messy that’s why I never understood why everyone thought she looked so classy. Can anyone explain the significance of her necklace? She wears it all the time.

  4. the necklace is a string of rudraksh beads, no? It is believed that one who wears Rudraksh on their bodies cannot be affected by sins. Some powerful astrological props they have.

  5. I think she has coloured her hair a darker shade. This looks awesome. Why don’t you find where one can find such a bracelet? I have asked this before I guess.

  6. STUNNING. I am a big fan of her real life dressing, her house, her taste…… the list goes on. I guess she is wearing and Abu Jani Sandeep Khosala creation….. cause they r friends to her and that’s what she always wear’s. Can some one please help me with what bag is she carrying???

  7. I watch a program in TLC called “what not to wear” and they say that pointed toes in shoes make you look taller and slimmer. I haven’t tried it myself yet. They say that the shoe is not uncomfortable at all.

    I think I will try them now.

  8. i only wear pointy heels for the reasons that Moni pointed out.. but i dont like them with dimple’s outfit. not sure if its the style – i am thinking its more the color.. the outfit’s so vibrant, the shoes do no justice.


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