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  1. PC at | | Reply

    The cover photo definitely looks good.. all the others are way too dramatic..the one in the black she looks like she is ready to play a pricey escort.

  2. Tania at | | Reply

    Not really working. Except for the last two pics, the rest are blah.

  3. A at | | Reply

    Like the first set of pics.. on a side note, how does one wear such heavy earrings without tearing their ears apart? The gazelle earrings of Amrapali make me go “oh my god..her poor ear”!

  4. slc at | | Reply

    I like the fusion-desi aspect of Vidya’s shoot. Love the quilted jacket in pic 2 and black/white blouse in last pic too.

  5. Prep-y at | | Reply

    I do like the cover picture! and I guess the theme demands the look to be dramatic. Ironically, it’s the picture with the giant earring that stands out for me. I didn’t have to wear that pair of earring so I wouldn’t care about them being a pain..

  6. Vandana at | | Reply

    Definitely the Satya Paul sari with the contrasting coat stands out for me, although it could have been draped better. All the others..the styling seems haphazard and forced.

  7. CK at | | Reply

    She looks bored in the cover page picture

  8. Ahot at | | Reply

    I really hope, some of these kind of styling would translate onto the redcarpet. Vidya needs to borrow Sonam or Kangana´s stylists for a while, in order to gain more confidence in her fashion choices. She is still young enough to make it work, + her body is so luscious, she has no idea how well proportioned she is. She has a great potential, fingers crossed she gets a great team to work on it (since as a true thespian she can´t be bothered by it herself).

  9. Amani at | | Reply

    Only the picture in the blue outfit caught my attention.

  10. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I like every single picture ! But especially loving the blue saree with coat look. Who knew vidya had such a ‘model’ in her.

  11. judge at | | Reply

    They are lovely, keeping in mind her more than size zero asthetic.

    Can anyone identify the blouse in the last pic? it is lovely!!!

  12. Pooja at | | Reply

    She looks good. Cover looks striking as well as images inside. Very catchy.

  13. asterix at | | Reply

    In the bottom left one – the look inspired by Amy Winehouse – she looks stunning. The rest try too hard.

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  14. Savvy at | | Reply

    She’s looking gorgeous on all the pics , love the cover which brings out a demure/ delicate look. The Satya Paul Saree n quilted jacket dress is simply FAB…. I am happy to see her trying different designers and coming out on the tops….

  15. RS at | | Reply

    Awesome. A refreshing change from her usual bharatiya-nari aesthetic. I love them all.

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  16. Ishita H. at | | Reply

    The Ish is back HHCers! Apart from her amazing ability to rock the crap out of every single outfit in this spread and that phenom Satya Paul+quiltedmoto duo, is anyone else sensing an Amy Winehouse dejavu moment with Divya’s bouffant/rose/eyeliner? Totes love it and I’m convinced that Masaba makes every woman look good :)

  17. bindu at | | Reply

    loved every one of the pics…the sceond last one was totally scorching!

  18. Ena at | | Reply

    The styling looks very dated n rigid – something they would do 10-15 years ago. Too heavy on the colours, layering, makeup n hair. She looks nice, but very dated.

  19. Mm at | | Reply

    You go girl, rock em! Looking good.

  20. Bhakti Irani at | | Reply

    Love the Satya paul saree with the contrasting coat!

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