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  1. desigirl at | | Reply

    love the look. not sure how she would rtavel in those pants. she probably changed before she landed.
    love the jacket, can someone ID it?

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    I don’t know why celebs love wearing those horrible contacts and few inches of make-up when they can look pretty without them. PC looks pretty..

  3. crown princess at | | Reply

    Someone pls ID the Jacket!

  4. trying too hard at | | Reply

    love love love the jacket

    1. Sky at | | Reply


  5. Keya at | | Reply

    like others me too in love with that jacket!

  6. Phoenix at | | Reply

    I would prefer that jacket (LOVE IT) with a white top and dark blue jeans and black boots with a funky scarf…that to me is the perfect airport look. PC needs a scarf. I hate how she wears peep toe pumps to the airport lol like…are you serious?! Who does that? She or her stylist needs to look up Gisele’s airport looks. They’re fab/effortles.

    1. Phoenix at | | Reply

      actually I take that back no scarf with this jacket. **

  7. Ahot at | | Reply

    Um, taking for the posts on this site, this is usually her go-to uniform (ie. jeans+shirt+jacket) while travelling, just like leggings +shorts+sweater Kareena´s is.
    It seems to me that, you guys like to find SOMETHING to criticise everytime it´s about Priyanka.

  8. Shina at | | Reply

    Love the look.

  9. Radhika at | | Reply

    The jacket is a Helmut Lang tiered blazer. Sorry on the typo desigirl, it’s iphone autocorrect :p

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