Sari Style


Three recent appearances had Ms. Ambani pick saris. Have a favorite? I can tell you which was our least favorite… That cream/beige one in the centre.

Look inside for more images.

Tina Ambani
Left: At Mumbai Film Festival 2012
Centre: At B-70: An Art Exhibition Celebrating Amitabh Bachchan
Right: At Durga Puja Celebrations

Tina Ambani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. And the pepto-bismol pink saree is okay? The orange one is the best, followed by the beige saree. That pink monstrosity is straight out of a bad retro bolly movie. Just a high bun is missing.

  2. Why has she suddenly started looking so old?? Especially in the last one (though that is the best sari of the lot!), she looks ancient!!

  3. Its lack of effort that makes all three looks do nothing for her . Under eye dark circles not hidden properly , hair not dyed properly ,sari not worn that well and jewellery plus sari could have been much better considering the money at disposal. I feel sad for her thinking that she could lookso nice and yet she ends up looking like this.

  4. I dont think the saris are anything very different or very wow – but what i really like about her apperance is that she looks very approachable.
    She might be one of the richest people in country, but she doesn’t look forced, or “too made up” or “always surprised” ..

  5. all the money in the world doesnt buy taste and class !! hence proven !!!!!!!!

    cant she get a stylist !!! she looks like a granny… old and haggared !!

  6. When you know all eyes are going to be on you,after all she is an “Ambani”. …. She could have made a little effort to look presentable.Darn she looks so much older than her “Jetani”( sister-in-law).

  7. This seems like damage control……..remember her in the tight little black dress a few days ago……trying to look all demure now….

    • Yes. This sure looks like damage control. Poor celebrities. They just can’t do anything right. Either they are dressed like teenagers or people call them haggard and old. :) I feel sorry for her. I also wish our society wouldn’t say “old” like it’s a bad word.

      • Totally agree. If they look old we say ‘old’ like it’s a bad word, and if they don’t look old we call them fake and wonder why we see no lines.

  8. I think its the losing weight that makes her look haggard especially if you lose a ton of weight all of a sudden. I dont care for any of the 3 but the first 2 are monstrosities,so the pink and orange fares better… seriously I dont care if she flaunts labels or not but how hard can it to be choose beautiful saris…sigh


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