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  1. mansi at | | Reply

    A decent belt and pair of non-ugly boots would have made a world of difference to Ash’s first outfit..but thats expecting too much from her I guess!

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    the boots look so ORDINARY..should not even mention it. The black and white outfit came out last year in March – I got one from Debenhams, so what is the big deal?

  3. Sudha at | | Reply

    i don’t think Rani is consciously copying Ash…

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Sometimes these “who copied who” stories are really lame. Black & white floral dresses were all the rage, I highly doubt that Rakshanda thought, ‘Oh wow a black and white dress similar to the one Ash wore, I must have it because I want to look like her’

    Nor do I think that jeans-tucked-in-boots are a trend particular to Aishwarya (definitely a world-wide phenomenon) so I don’t think Rani dressed with Ash in mind that night.

    Come on, bring on some REAL fashion debate, or inspired looks, ‘style commentary’ on something interesting.

  5. sherry at | | Reply

    firstly, what aishwarya and rani are wearing are two very different looks. secondly, there is nothing to copy. a shirt, jeans and a pair of boots are a basic combination. the same with a white and black printed dress. so i see no harm done here.

  6. neelam08 at | | Reply

    for an icon as big as Aishwarya, i would expect nicer boots…the heels on it are super tacky

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Looks like im the only one here who thinks Ash doesn’t look bad in the first pic. Well yeah, she could do with better boots, but she still looks great.

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    ash looks super hot.. and rani.. worst as ever in western wear

  9. Jazz at | | Reply

    I love Ash’s thin n lean body in the first pic…she should stick to outfits that highlight her nice figure (when she has one ofcourse) lol Kajra re was a shock with those love-handles! and then in Dhoom 2 she was great again… She has a high BMR it seems ;)

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