1. That dress is suitable to a beach/pool party !

    Even then, I dont like that dress …Not liking that pompom looking tree
    Near the bust area…

      • Ditto! After months of reading this blog I say for sure that they don’t have a style of their own. But kudos to the good quality pictures. The comments is what I enjoy the most.

  2. you’ve got to be kidding. This dress screams hideous. A blue coloured palm tree bang in the middle of her torso is just plain ridiculous. I get crazy/uncanny fashion but this is just tacky.

  3. thats a hideous looking dress.. just for the sake of liking our desi fashion prodigy … this dress is terrible!!
    p.s. the placement of the palm/coconut tree is hilarious!!

  4. I don’t like the dress at all .. and somehow got the feeling.. if this same dress was from a random not-so-famous indian designer, you girls would have ridiculed this dress completely.

  5. Seriously?? This dress?? That has to be one of the weirdest prints I’ve seen! I agree with the pom-pom comment haha…Looks awful

  6. It is a very strange dress, with the tree starting and ending at wierd places. Wont a designer as big as Manish Arora forsee that!! I seriously do not like this dress one bit.

  7. lord …. the things Manish Arora can get away with just because he is Manish Arora …. HHC I really hope you are reading all these comments!
    I think maybe you should take another look at the dress and really evaluate what it is that you are praising??


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