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  1. donkey at | | Reply

    Neeta Lulla is Neeta Lulla’s worst enemy.

    1. monkey at | | Reply

      Lol, I so agree!!!

    2. K at | | Reply

      You screen name is apt for you donkey!!

  2. nkb at | | Reply

    This is the best i have seen Tanisha look!

  3. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    Can she wear some MORE of that creamy “white” thing all over pleej??? Pretty pleej?
    Also the pink lehanga and two strips hanging over it looks like she tore off a banner and hung it over her torso. Unless thats the look the dejyner was going for

    Which very well could be :P
    I dont understand phasion

  4. Asha at | | Reply

    She looks nice in the dressed-down look. She’s looks so pretty when she doesn’t try hard to be “fashion-forward”.

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    I think some people just can’t get it with or without stylist. She always looks tacky as hell.

  6. Chaitali Shah at | | Reply


  7. shilpa at | | Reply

    Neeta Lulla creations are so bipolar!!

  8. SM at | | Reply

    She looks better in separates from Ash Haute Couture !

  9. K at | | Reply

    Neeta Lulla is by far the best designer , I have ever seen .. Her clothes are beautiful and the best . Life is hard and everyone is annoying , but don’t let it discourage you Mrs. Lulla , because there are people
    Who will put u down just for their happiness. Don’t let it discourage you. You are best , I have seen .
    Just remember jealousy has no boundaries..

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