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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Love Suzanne’s look & I fele that bag looks just fine with the dress……….don’t like Madhoo’s appearance much

  2. Neha at | | Reply

    Love Sussanne’s look – very feminine and subtle .
    I am loving her current choice of clothes .

  3. rvc at | | Reply

    Prefer Madhoo’s look. She looks good after a long long time.
    There’s something very off-putting about Suzanne’s look – her hair, skin, dress and shoes are all the same color and differ by only by a few shades. NOT flattering. (There’s the orange hair again.) I also can’t take my eyes off the wrinkled fabric.

  4. mesta at | | Reply

    Suzanne’s dress is nothin great..very matronly!
    and neither the bag is anything great..very average!
    Madhoo looks quite good! and I think she’s coming straight from a trip or something cuz she still has the baggage tag on!

  5. shireen at | | Reply

    Suzanne’s dress is lovely, but the length makes for a matronly/dowdy look on her. A belt to cinch or some tulle for volume may have nailed it.

  6. KT at | | Reply

    madhoo also looks good.. ! after a long time!

  7. Faiza at | | Reply

    i agree with all the ladies up…susanne does look nice and feminine. bag is fine.

  8. Suzuki at | | Reply

    Madhoo looks nice but her hair! She needs to do something – fast.

  9. xx at | | Reply

    Why is Madhoo carrying an LV at a Tod’s event?? Suzanne’s bag might be too big for her pretty dress but at least it suggests she kept the event in mind…

  10. Red at | | Reply

    They both look absolutely terribly mismatched!

  11. Star at | | Reply

    Susane looks frumpy and why would anyone buy such an awful dress. Madhu is totally un colour co ordinated. Black shoes with the dress is fine, and then a lv bag!?!

  12. mili at | | Reply

    grandma dressing is not suiting Suzannne n look as if she for the chudidar……………

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