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    given that it’s a fashion website,still I would like to say one thing that no matter how much put together all of an outfit is,brain would alway be more beautiful than the outlook,atleast from my POV,and I think she looks simple & elegant here .=]

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  3. Amodini at | | Reply

    I think the Miu-Miu was supposed to “match” with the pink borders of the suit. Which it does. But I don’t get the cross-body style – why this mom-on-the-go look for a dressy Abu Sandeep? She’s a lovely, elegant lady, but I wish she’d do something about that hair.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Its also matching her barely visible pink bindi. I too do not get the cross body style and wish she would do something so hair looks healthier and less processed.
      The suit itself is something thats hard to look un-classy. Most ladies make it work. Its a pity Suzanne doesn’t here.

  4. Liaa at | | Reply

    She has worn this before and wore it better . The black bra is just cheap with a beige suit ESP when u r going on stage . The bag would be fitting on jeans but too wannabe teen for a 38 yr old.
    She looked dishevelled and has lost so much weight .

  5. alti at | | Reply

    She looks like she needs a break. From everything. Including events.

  6. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks fine even with the cross body bag. I only dislike that hair.

  7. Mel at | | Reply

    I love love love this suit. Would wear in a heartbeat. My only gripe is the length of the kurta, would prefer it to fall and inch or two below the knee.

  8. Hansini at | | Reply

    Can’t get over the black bra…and she didn’t have anyone to hand that bag while she went onstage?

  9. resh at | | Reply

    its like she didn’t try to put any effort just pulled whatever she got..the churidaar is so loose.. its like shes lost weight so the clothes just hang n her… this could have been a decent look with some heels… good inner wear.. a clutch and hair a bit neater

  10. adya at | | Reply

    The churidaar kurta is very lovely, I had seen the pix elsewhere and was hoping to know where it is from. Can’t believe it is the same abu sandeep who make those super gaudy outfits. The cross body gives her a college girl net door vibe, which I think she was going for… May not be high fashion but looks cool and friendly.

  11. imran at | | Reply

    she looking more gogeous in abu sandeep outfit …
    and this baige chiken outfit is fabulous with pink border ,,,
    some people are very jealous coz they dnt know about fashion ,,,,,,pp…

    1. Liaa at | | Reply

      No one is critiquing the suit which is gorgeous . But no denying that she has worn it as badly as she could have .

  12. AV at | | Reply

    The suit is so elegant and lovely.. But susanne honey, you need to shower girllll

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