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  1. swati at | | Reply

    oh c’mon pnp….she is looking flawlesss…..very beautiful. I m also on the fence though with the matching shoes…..

  2. enne at | | Reply

    she needs a fashion reinvention. she needed one 2 years ago. it’s just too fargone…

  3. Ena at | | Reply

    Such a beautiful woman, unfailingly so badly dressed.

  4. Jyoti at | | Reply

    I love it!

  5. Sunanda at | | Reply

    True, the look needs some colour. Love the face though.

  6. Sonal at | | Reply

    that face, those hair! truly deserving of the Ms Universe title even today. not a fan of shine all over clothes, but then she can be forgiven for everything.

  7. dn at | | Reply

    She looks great! Yes, the colour could have been different, but nevertheless she is well dressed for a Businesswoman event.

  8. Myka at | | Reply

    Yeah, too brown.

  9. N at | | Reply

    Really? She looks stunning. And polished. Head to toe.

  10. VG at | | Reply

    I like her shoes. Can anyone id?

  11. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks good to me, agree though pop of color atleast via the shoes would have definitely elevated the look.

  12. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    She looks good, but for her hair… looks messy

  13. nisha at | | Reply

    I think she looks fab!

  14. LoveSuhana at | | Reply

    After a glancing at at this for a while, I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Mostly Meh, but not terrible

  15. fashion at | | Reply

    whats wrong ppl and payal ,,..such a nice color n she luks radiant n lovely!!

  16. fashionista at | | Reply

    tactalicious! sush never gets it right!

  17. Keya at | | Reply

    I love the color on her. allthough not a fan of the dress and choice of shoes

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