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Of the two ladies who did yellow saris at the Veuve Clicquot Event, we much preferred Pratima who wore hers Bengali style. It was cute without being overwhelming.

Shobhaa De and Pratima Gaurav at Veuve Clicquot Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kudos to Pratima for picking a lovely Dhakai for the event, and more applaud for draping it the proper Bengali style without the stupid both shoulders covered way popularized by Devdas 🙂 But IMHO this draping looks totally out of place in this corporate event/party!
    In order to see how to rock a Dhakai, please look up Rani Mukherjee in HHC archives 😀

    • I think it just takes a few gutsy people to make it make it event appropriate. There are plenty of styles which were inappropriate until a few popular people did it and then its totally acceptable. I think i find it as appropriate as the Saree is in Indian offices. This is just a different style of it. I am glad she was gutsy to wear something different and she looks good in it.

  2. love Pratima’s cotton saree … if i’m not wrong, Pratima is wearing a Jamdaani Saree (a special kinda cotton saree only produced in Bangladesh)

  3. Love the Bengali look especially that she went so ethnic for such an event. Shobha’s hair is soo 80’s wedding reception, i saw pics of it elsewhere, ewww… fake curls updo – just not happening

  4. The Bengali style is he toughest to carry off well. Pratima looks like Meena Kumari or Waheeda Rehman – an eternal beauty. So old fashioned yet contemporary. LOVE her look! A medal to her for having the guts to wear this to what seems like a very French trendy chic event. This is REAL STYLE!

  5. i’m a bangladeshi and this is not the traditional “ek pench” method of wearing a jamdani. if you like, i could email you photos of the jamdani i wore for my nikah ceremony in ek pench style.

    this is not to say that this lady isnt looking nice. its just that to a bengali like me her draping looks more gujrati than bangali.

  6. just cz she wore it bong style does not make it a good look, if wearing in a traditional style, a traditional saree would look good not this one. so shobha wins this one for me, so eleganr!


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