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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    Left – Bleh

    Right – Bleh to the tenth power.

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  2. ms. meow at | | Reply

    Hahah! Last nail in the coffin, loved it. Those pointy heels/flats gotta go. I don’t like that matronly looking, out of shape black & oversized flower dress. Nothing great about it. Outfit on the left is cute.

  3. ZI at | | Reply

    I dont mind the first pair as much….but those silver ones are ugly..

  4. Usha at | | Reply

    She looks shabby! Why can’t people atleast dress their age.

  5. kara at | | Reply

    The shoes in the first picture are made of PLASTIC! And the outfit looks like pjs. In the second picture she looks like she is wearing a mumu with shoes made cca. 1992. A big NO!

  6. Hema at | | Reply

    Who is she? A rich socialite? A designer? Why bother with her on this fashion blog when she obviously has no sense of fashion at all. That hair, that mumu dress, those pointy shoes….good Lord!

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