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  1. shireen at | | Reply

    “He doesn’t look to the West for his inspiration but rather the colourful low life of India — gypsies, the desert, Bollywood.” –

    Sotheby’s highly regarded curator certainly doesn’t shy away from Orientalism, stops a few steps short of being condescending.

    1. Debarati Dutta at | | Reply

      I agree whole-heartedly. I loathe the condescending orientalist tone of the curator’s recommendation. It is paternalistic and characteristic of an earlier era.

    2. ProudToLookLikeMyBai at | | Reply

      Surprised they didn’t throw in maharajahs and elephant howdahs for good measure (that may be more accurate though). Enough of the opulence – if you have to be frivolous, please look at freedom fighter chic!

      PnP Vidya wore a nice Sabyasachi for a Sydney Morning Herald interview. Looks lovely apart from the sameness.

    3. fashion_outsider at | | Reply

      Designers usually look to the “high life” of India i.e. the maharajas for inspiration. Take the recent Chanel Paris-Bombay collection, McQueen ‘s Maharaja collection or just about any collection “inspired by India”. So the gypsies, the desert and Bollywood make up the oh-so-colorful-and-exotic “low life” of India, to this person. Either way, this labeling of certain sections of Indian society as “low life” is steeped in orientalism and economic elitism.

      Why not just have the fabulous Mr Sabyasachi send them a blurb about what inspires him? From whatever I have read about him he seems to be so fiercely proud of his Indian roots that I am sure he would be offended by this piece.

  2. sarahq at | | Reply

    hi girls, will definitely check this out..where is the exhibition?

  3. sarahq at | | Reply

    ah just found it…35 new bond street. so curious now.

  4. ispy at | | Reply

    I have no words for his creativity ..his works are simply magnificent ….you guys should check out the final episode of band baaja bride …he designed a ethereal Green lehenga ….i sooo wanna get married again :(((

  5. sarahq at | | Reply

    totally agree with shireen. how very silly does janice sound!

  6. Indigirl at | | Reply

    wow…this Blackburn woman needs a crash course in cultural sensitivity and a treatment for “foot-in-the-mouth” disease. There is some truth in what she says but that is
    1. not true for all Indian production
    2. true for most nations.

    Extremely paternalistic and patronizing, I fail to understand why she is “highly-regarded” when she has such a narrow world-view.

  7. naiad at | | Reply

    Hello Girls,

    You would be pleased to know that Sabyasachi shared this blog entry on his facebook page :)

  8. slc at | | Reply

    Blackburn’s comments are soooo demeaning. But I can’t help to think that perhaps she watched Band Baja Bride which introduced Sabya and made her own conclusions from the show. Sabya mentions his love for Kolkatta, the inspiration for much of his designs. Such a vivacious city to Ms. Blackburn seems “low life” ….let’s credit her ignorance for not doing any research before speaking.

  9. rosanna at | | Reply

    Blackburn could at best be given the benefit of doubt for using the term “low life” for gypsies,etc. as in case of most countries. However placing bollywood in the same regard is not even paternalistic to me…its sheer idiocracy. She should put her holiday allowances to good use & choose her words better.

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