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  1. Tania at | | Reply

    She looks good. And hot !

  2. M at | | Reply


  3. samir at | | Reply

    GREAT ! Perfection.

  4. Ss at | | Reply

    she had me at boyfriend jeans! ;)

  5. PC at | | Reply

    LOL saw Sonam’s response on your twitter handle to this post.. Are you considering changing the post..

  6. Ss at | | Reply

    I’m bored, so I have decided to nit-pick and wish that she had worn a pair of black oxfords. LOL

  7. SS at | | Reply

    She looks contrived and seems brand crazed even when she is apparently (according to HHC but not Sonam! wink wink) dressed down. Dressed down would be Levi jeans and a simple Zara top – I’d challenge her to go that route just *once*.

  8. Prep-y at | | Reply

    Sonam always makes me want to dress up lol love this look

  9. Bedazzled at | | Reply

    This is not dressed down!!! This is trying hard to look dressed down:) you wanna see dressed down ; check her sister out;)
    That said, I did find it refreshing than her other – touch my hair and the look falls apart- looks:)

  10. Ranij at | | Reply

    I like this! She looks really nice

  11. MataHari at | | Reply

    Dressed down????….more like dressed clown!

  12. Hansini at | | Reply

    A reluctant thumbs-up… Would ditch the chevron jacket.

    1. sree at | | Reply

      Agree with you!

  13. Simran at | | Reply

    Nothing wrong in dressing up, I say! It’s her movie and her moment in the spotlight, afterall. She looks great!

  14. sonal at | | Reply

    the jacket and the blouse are so mismatched.. not happening

  15. Leila at | | Reply

    Wish she had skipped the jacket, does not go with the look she was trying so hard to achieve. As it stands, it’s hardly the “dressed down” look we were expecting to see.

  16. Surabhi at | | Reply

    Love this look!

  17. Amodini at | | Reply

    What a mess! Apparently she wasn’t wearing the glasses while picking the clothes.

  18. Abhi at | | Reply

    those boyfriend jeans look horrible.

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