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    i agree, as good as she looks, this is a red carpet look. way ott for a press junket! still like it tho ha!

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    This outfit is too much for a day time press junket – too much jewelry, too much boobage and too many ruffles.

    It would have worked for the red carpet instead.

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    I think Sonam looks fabulous…perhaps a little OTT for the press junkets, but she’s totally working that overwhelming concoction! My biggest gripe is with the designers…if they had lined the blouse in a discreet manner then we wouldn’t have to see those pasties.

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    While I agree it is a bit much for a press junket, but this is Cannes, so why not? If don’t do edgy at Cannes, then where can you. I think she looks young, trendy and fabulous and is totally selling it. Besides no ashy makeup… so a major win

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    The sari is just gorgeous in this shade! can’t imagine in any other colour. I think this is a wonderful look with perfect accessorising!

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    No way, this is trying too hard. She’s a pretty girl, she should stop looking so desperate to be thought of as a fashion diva

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    This look would’ve been amazing on a red carpet or a magazine spread. And the pasties uggh, major gripe.

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    She looks hot but this is a little much for just a press junket. However, I’ll take Sonam’s OTT Cannes appearances over Katrina’s underwhelming snoooze fests any day!

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    LOVE!!! If this is her day wear, I am dying in anticipation for her red carpet look. Hopefully, it blows our minds and isn’t anticlimactic.

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    I think all that gorgeousness got hidden with all the fabric on arms

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    I love this look. Did not expect a desi look and I am loving it. OTT? This is is Cannes!

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    OTT it might be but she looks FAB. It’s Cannes, the sun is shining so why the heck not. Can’t wait for her red carpet appearance after the yawn inducing Ms Kaif

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    She looks good. She tried but Aunty ji won this round.
    Kat was a snooze fest.

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    she is looking superb.
    although the sari is draped to show off the blouse, it is not looking cheap.
    love it!

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    Im sorry PnP. This is not doing OTT in cannes. This it just Sonam being silly. Apparently this is one of the looks that she changed 3 times in 5 hours?! I feel sorry for her. Pretty girl. Absolutely lost her marbles.

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      Totally agreed. This boob show cannot be called edgy.
      She looks way too OTT . It’s a press junket for christs sake.
      You’d think this girl doesnt get any sttention back home so she decided to wear that to seem provocative.

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        She has a pair of boobs and she is showing it ,Tania. What is wrong in that? Not everyone can turn up looking plastic,cold and stiff like Katrina :)

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      Correction! Its one of 4 in 6 hours. Its like she will do anything to get attention wearing designers. At this rate she will post a pic on twitter wearing a ballgown by a designer in front of her loo and say going to take a dump in style!!! Its not cannes OTT… Its just plain crazy.

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        Considering its Sonam, I’m sure she actually does that to take dumps in style :p

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    Looks like those Benzer adverts from the 90s awful. Babe please go back to Anamika

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    Looks like the Benzer Adverts from the 90s. Awful. Babe go back to Anamika

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    wow she sure is showing ALOT of cleavage these days…she looks gorgeous as always but she is never event appropriately dressed. it is always OTT. It’s more impressive if u catch someones attention in a simple outfit, coz most girls wud dazzle in the outfits sonam gets to wear.

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    Yeah I can’t quite unsee those pasties either :(
    Wish they had lined the front with nude fabric that matched her skin tone. Otherwise, I love the look! OTT is what she does best and with 5 years at Cannes, you gotta have 1 year that breaks all conventions! I love dressing up so I don’t particularly care that she dressed up a little more for a press junket. Either way, she’s in the media and needs to present her best self.

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    Sigh, is that a wardrobe malfunction in the lower left picture despite the pasties?

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    India (represented thru Sonam) has got to make up for the red carpet blunder Ms. Kaif just made.
    A bit too much “show” but “comparatively”….no complaints

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      No body is representing India at Cannes. They are all representing L’Oreal.

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    For a moment I tht it was a boob job on her

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    Lining issues aside, that is a beautiful blouse.

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    Godd. Event appropriate dress is something she has never heard of..

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    OTT or not, this is Sonam Kapoor being herself, her game is different and we know it. I respect the fact that she stays true to her personality, her individual style.
    About the outfit, too much is going on, the blouse, the back of the blouse, jewelry, ear cuff, ruffles. Maybe its me. Anyways, I am glad she wore an Indian outfit.
    (Dear P&P, I don’t understand the outfit, are the ruffles just on bottom or also on the pallu, was this sari worn on runway or it is custom made?
    If you find a clearer picture or a runway pic, can you please share it with us)

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    About all the comparisons to Katrina Kaif, sure she could have done better, given all the access she has to the best of the gowns, makeup artists, stylists, but she looked good. ohh the way that gown fitted her, I loved it. It was not a spectacular look, but it was not something to call fashion police for. (have to admit I didn’t like her makeup)
    Natalie Portman also wore a simple red Dior gown on first day at Cannes and I don’t see anyone criticizing her look. Some people have minimalistic style.
    It hurts to see people comparing Katrina and Sonam, both of them are beautiful and have very different sense of style.

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    girls! It’s sonam and it is going to be OTT. That is her style. Just like Kangana’s is quirky. Move on. She looks pretty stunning. Like it or not Sonam has raised everyone’s expectations at Cannes. She is by a long stretch the best dressed Indian. Give credit where it is due. No one is talking of her acting chops here. So it’s best to keep biases aside.

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    Lovely twist on the saree. The blouse is gorgeous but only if it were lined then it would be a more polished look. Love all the accessories and jewellery that Sonam is wearing. Looking forward to her Day 2 looks!

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    She looks good. The blouse should have been lined, the pastie looks cheap. Also the outfit is WAY OTT for a press junket. Having said that, I am really happy that she is wearing Indian designers at Cannes.

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    In the third pic at the top it’s apparent how uncomfortable she is. Why try this hard when it’s not in your comfort zone. Sigh. What a mess.

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    What’s the point of a garment if it can only be worn for an editorial shoot. You wouldn’t buy a car and not drive it!
    Love the outfit. Agreed it may be too much for the event in question and those pasties are hard to unsee but Sonam looks amazing and that outfit is gorgeous.

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    Kat and ash looked much better in their day looks! This is too much and what’s bothering me too is the nude pasties . Why couldn’t they line the full thing? She carries it off the way sonam always does but doesn’t work for me for press day

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    well done, sonam, you are now channeling kim kardashian in that tacky ass outfit.

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    Abu Sandeep are really stuck in the 1990s. So tacky

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    YiKOS, terribly vulgar and OTT, and in a very bad way,

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    Not a fan of Sonam or her blue gown, but this look makes you sit up and take notice. Yes, the pasties are tacky, surely they could have got the blouse lined, but she does look pretty darn good.

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    I cant believe im saying this but her boobs look so damn amazing..:P
    That aside, part from the lining issues, she looks pretty darn good.

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    awful yuck chiiiii is the word. Abu Sandeep has no style atall, now their style is old and crapy. nonsense it looks like a fashion student has done this dress, bad bodice everything shows technically is so so BAD……

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    I think it works ok- but why not wear it with the pallu draped as normal? It would still be a damn fine sari and only one boob on display in that case.

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    AJSK are for curtains…this one too…I love the color though. I dont understand the look at all…not impressive

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    a real fashion victim.a great boob show in a tacky way.

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    although this might be too much for a press junket, i think cause it is sonam she pulled if off really well, i really liked this look!

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    Ermm.. late to the party but what is a pastie?

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