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  1. Nina at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic ! She works that suicide roll so fiercely ! This look is perfect.

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    2. Nina at | | Reply

      I admit I’m a bit stunned to read all the comments below – I thought everyone would have liked it :D. The suicide roll gave these very classic suit and shirt, a modern twist. This hairstyle is not that uncommon: I live in Paris, and I’ve seen a few girls trying this out. There’s nothing freaky about it. But, it’s not for everyone to like I guess …

      You say that she tries too hard. Is it because she’s indian ? Had she been an american or a european, this would have been just another fashion statement ?

      1. P at | | Reply

        I don’t think she’s getting the negative feedback just because she’s Indian. Americans love Diane Kruger, Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman, and even homegrown Freida Pinto on the red carpet. Because these women have a sense of style and they turn up looking impeccable and beautiful.

        This is just a costumey look bordering on lady gaga-ness. Sonam had no style of her own but now more and more, dressing OTT and costumey is becoming her style.

        1. Phoenix at | | Reply

          I feel like she’s getting negative feedback because she’s indian.. and whenever an indian does something they’re “trying too hard”.

    3. Dye at | | Reply

      She looks fantastic! So fierce! So herself! So confident! Wow! Kudos to her!

  2. RS at | | Reply

    If you say so. I don’t understand this kind of fashion. Could one go out with hair like that? I don’t know if she looks fierce but will take your word for it.

    1. Never Mind at | | Reply

      Umm…I have to agree with you. I dont get this kind of fashion. If I saw someone on the street with that hair, I would think he/she is a freak. But apparently it IS fierce!

      1. kasthuri at | | Reply

        ditto… i dont get this kinda “editorial” fashion either. Its one of the reasons why i dont buy fashion magazines and instead love fashion blogs by individuals.

        1. rB at | | Reply

          this hairdo can look good on the runway or in editorials..basically when one is supposed to be potray fashion creatively..but not in real life.. it looks creepy

          1. Mahzabin at |

            Totally agree with you! In real life it looks weird.

          2. Kaycee at |

            For chrissakes give credit to the girl for changing it up and giving us different looks and a taste of international fashion.
            And she was at an event and not taking a stroll in the park!!! So I don’t understand this whole real life thing. Am sure she doesn’t go around with such hair on a day-to-day basis.
            This look for me hits it out of the ball park! No other actress for sure would have been able to carry this look with such confidence.

    2. Anon at | | Reply

      So agree.. What is great about this look? The tuxedo with red lips has been done so many times by so many people.. And the hair – what is there to like?

      1. Aditi at | | Reply

        thats how most ppl would think. that’s also why most ppl are not fashion icons. if you dress to please others, you might as well stop trying to be fashionable right now.

    3. Aditi at | | Reply

      this is the artsy side of fashion. The side of fashion that you have to have confidence and a certain charm to wear. anyone can put of a simple red dress, heels and look good. Do do what Sonam does, that takes an amazing aesthetic and a perfect face.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        I agree completely.

  3. Ursla at | | Reply

    She looks like a grade A idiot! Trying waaaaay tooooo hard!

    1. KT at | | Reply

      haha.. so true!

    2. just me at | | Reply

      I agree in toto! “Idiot” was the first word that came to mind on seeing Sonam, as usual overdone. When will she ever learn about balance – one can look “fierce” without looking foolish. The hair, the lips, the posing, the pout – don’t always try so hard, woman!

      1. apple at | | Reply

        Her fashion choices are bordering on the ridiculous. I used to really love her style aesthetic at one point, of late she’s been trying wayy too hard. Unlike Neha, Dia or even Sameera, she doesnt seem to have any personal aspect/touch to her looks, something signature that screams ‘Sonam’. I’d like to see her tone it town a little bit, mix up luxury and high street brands towards something that’s more approachable and inspirational.

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      Has someone dragged her from the runway or a photoshoot to this event?What else explains that hair?
      Dressing up,accesorizing,styling the hair is great but overdoing in all departments is horrid!

    4. karishma at | | Reply

      More than an idiot, she looks too pretentious.

  4. shopgirl at | | Reply

    don’t like it . she try to hard with the wired hair style
    i wish if she did a up-do ..

  5. Rita at | | Reply

    My God, she looks HIDEOUS

    1. Fatima at | | Reply


      pulled back hair would’ve been better. I really dont like this look, definately gives the ‘trying WAY too hard’ feel.

  6. Mojojojo at | | Reply

    Fashion is an art..maybe an acquired art at that! n Sonam Kapoor exemplifies the very fact. Fashion is also subjective..what works for one may not work for another. But gotta give it to SK…she makes that look work for her n how !! It takes courage and a certain intelligence even to pair up things n walk out n not look like one stepped out of a circus (n we know on these pages, how often the very same thing happens;) ) So give the girl some credit for not being a ‘pretty-doll-of-an-actress’ clone… people may judge her….but she’s good at what she’s doing in the picture (styling n posing:p ) …so gud job on keeping it all interesting ! :P

    1. Mads at | | Reply

      Hi Sonam! :)

      1. Vidhya at | | Reply

        ROFL – Well said !!!!!

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        1. Fashionista at | | Reply

          LOL @ Mads

    2. Anjali at | | Reply

      I agree with Mojojojo!

    3. Anon at | | Reply

      I would love to give her the credit, but really, how does she look like she worked it.. what sets her apart from those who look like they have stepped out of circus??

    4. hmm at | | Reply

      except it never looks natural on her, her looks always look contrived like she is *trying* to be a fashionista.. as opposed to being one..

      her looks also give me a sense of deja vu, yeah yeah seen it on before but on a Hollywood or global celebrity..

    5. SS at | | Reply

      Hello Tanya :-)

    6. joga at | | Reply

      i totally agree with you..fashion is an art or its a total art in the world of fashion and you can fusion it mix it up with the things on ur palette and it s all about being experimental and propping urself up.i dont get it how people here are so against it “its classic age versus modernism putting upfront” and she has done it pretty well..

    7. kiwi at | | Reply

      +1000, love, love, love the look.. most of the other comments are the kind my grandmom would make

  7. KJ at | | Reply

    No, fascinators are Natasha Poonawala’s thing. Nobody else’s :P I miss her btw, what’s she upto?

    ps. That thing Sonam has on her head looks silly.

    1. POP at | | Reply

      It’s her hair, silly :P

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  8. Adara at | | Reply

    Thank you for the laughs P&P and SK. ;-P

  9. Fashionista at | | Reply

    Had it been for a magazine shoot or a frontpage it wouldn’t matter Somehow her recent hairstyles are a let down But she rocks the tux

    1. DiptiN at | | Reply

      I agree, would have loved this for a vogue cover, but not to an event where others were dressed in jeans. She does look good

  10. POP at | | Reply

    I love Sona for trying new things, but this just comes off as trying wayyyy to hard.
    “Not quite” for me.

  11. mumbaimartini at | | Reply

    +1 for all the comments on trying too hard and this would be more appropriate in an editorial.

    I think the major issue is that she went overboard:the tux, the ruffled shirt, the black rosette AND the hair: way too much. Lose the hairstyle, or the rosette, and that is a different story. Pand P, I love you, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but me no agree with your’s on this one.

  12. San at | | Reply

    Loveee it! So so fierce. Got to give her credit for always trying something different and nearly always pulling it off!

  13. Mo at | | Reply

    Looks a bit like a circus clown. Too many things happening, somehow one gets confused what to look at.

  14. sweep at | | Reply

    I kinda love it. She’s totally committed to pulling this off and I like that. I love the wacky hair.

  15. Saya at | | Reply

    Seriously, this whole ensemble is idiotic. That nest on her head is hilarious.

  16. Slc at | | Reply

    Sonam wears the suit beautifully. Although i don’t like her hair, Mojojojo’s comment above does have a point.

  17. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    1. To even attempt something like this in a very fashion backward Bolllywood is an achievement in itself! ESP when Sonam knew that she would be reading comments like ” trying way to hard”

    I bet if we’d seen this on a Hollywood celeb we’d be going gaga! She’s thrown this one outta the ballpark!!

    10/10!!! She’s ahead of the game by a big one and I don’t see anyone else in site! This was styled by Tanya Ghavri(via Instagram)

    1. Rash at | | Reply

      + 100!
      Believe me these ppl calling her clown wud have gone gaga even if it was Kangana doing this!
      Either that or they don’t know what’s called fierce!!!
      Sonam nailed the look completely.. And I am in awe wth the shoe choice!

      1. jay at | | Reply

        U said it. May be Kangana could pull this off afterall, So there, its not hollywood or anything. It cud be our very own someone-else. Its just not working on Sonam imho

        1. Myla at | | Reply

          I kind of object to the comments that imply that if she were American our reactions (those who are not enamoured by her ahem, attempts at fashion) would be different. I also object to someone who said its because don’t UNDERSTAND fashion thats why they’re objecting. NO. I and I think I speak for all those who don’t like this particular look that its simply because we don’t LIKE it. I was actually prepared to like it, so took a second look and actually burst out laughing.

  18. Veethi at | | Reply

    horrible hair, horrible makeup and horrible clothes -whats up with that shirt :/

  19. olala at | | Reply

    Without the funky hairdo it might have looked like she was dressed for a job interview! And then it would have been called secretary-chic.

    Never a moment of respite among women, is there? :P
    (Disclosure: I am a straight man.)

  20. RUCHii at | | Reply

    i can never try such a thing..but good for her!! she looks absolutely comfortable in this..so i’d say she definitely is rocking it ! funny how in almost 30 comments nobody is talking bout her clothes/ make-up/ shoes etc! if you can make people talk so much about it & forget the rest then i guess she did do the right thing :P

    1. Fashionista at | | Reply

      Coz all got blinded by the hair & couldnt get past it! What’s there to talk about the pancake makeup! N the poofy frilles. She has a gorgeous smile and Very much a girly girl but andro luk doesn’t work Had she done in Cannes it would ve been a diff story. (with a retro dress)

  21. A at | | Reply

    She looks like a wannabe shaniqua. This is more appropriate for a magazine.. in real life, she looks like a clown. From clothes to make up to hair, it’s all so hideous.

  22. angl at | | Reply

    She tries so hard to do the pouty look but fails MISERABLY. What is so wrong with just rocking the big, beautiful smile that she looks goodl in?!

  23. Tehi at | | Reply

    I have a feeling that Kangna Ranaut would have rocked this look waaaay better.

  24. Neha at | | Reply

    Good stuff from Sonam. She’s taken it up a notch higher!

  25. kara at | | Reply

    Oh, Sonam, why so desperate?

  26. Diva at | | Reply

    She’s coming across as too pretentious here.

  27. Le Anne at | | Reply

    Trying too hard….maybe. But she makes the hair work!
    In love with the shoes!

  28. Tosh at | | Reply

    Where’d all this confidence go when she was at Cannes? Amuses me how she rocks each small events in India n screws up miserably in major events like Cannes.

    1. MK at | | Reply

      My thots exactly! This look would have rocked at Cannes

    2. karishma at | | Reply

      ya. she messes up big time in cannes. maybe it’s performance pressure.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        TOTALLY! She needed this at Cannes. I think she just gets scared.

  29. Myla at | | Reply

    I love Sonam but she looks a tad ridiculous and yes, very much like she is trying way too hard. Again. A lovely girl who would do well working on her craft (acting I assume) rather than parade ‘looks’ which clearly belong – as someone rightly pointed out – in the editorial pages of fashion magazines.

  30. liza at | | Reply

    She looks simply amazing. Beautiful. No other Indian actress could work this look, except maybe Kangana Ranaut. This is high fashion, and obviously you guys who are saying she looks foolish etc, dont understand a thing about high fashion. Go look at Kareena or Priyanka’s photos if you want simple, unoriginal, and uninspired looks. Sonam, you rock!!!

  31. T at | | Reply

    1. Its an ok outfit. The satin tie looks like something that blew out of a storm onto her neck.
    2 Gwen Stefani. Pink. Madonna.Lady Gaga. These are the woman who can pull that Hairdo. Sonam Kapoor… No.

  32. jes at | | Reply

    oh she looks exquisite and her style is radical….def not the clothes you would ever see in the streets, or sth i would ever be able to wear but i think thats a compliment in itself. ingenious and impressive, go sonam!

  33. ab at | | Reply

    ‘The more haters you have, the better you’re doing’ definitely applies here !

    Sonam looks good ! Although is the makeup a bit cakey? It seems too much in the closeup.

  34. Mahzabin at | | Reply

    Sonam in one word is just “annoying”….and yes I mean her fashion sense!

  35. prags at | | Reply

    i wanted to know what Abhay Deol would have said for that silly hair do !!! LOL sonam kapoor…this ain’t an editorial baby…..its live ….you can’t have ‘thing’ on ur head while moving around in public !!!:|

  36. Honey at | | Reply

    A bit much, non? :S

  37. Leila at | | Reply

    This is just plain ridiculous and the loud makeup and contrived posing/pouting don’t help. I’m beginning to get very tired of these “fashionistas” (read Sonam and Kangna) because they end up looking silly. At the very least, stop with the obnoxious poses, you’re NOT mannequins! Much prefer Neha and Dia like someone mentioned above, now these ladies have personal style.

  38. nida at | | Reply

    LOVE! Our very own B-town fashionista does it again :D <3

  39. tinker at | | Reply

    Love the hairdo! Love everything about this look.

  40. Sabita at | | Reply

    it is a bit much, but i do give her credit for going with that hair, it might not be to everyone’s taste but I prefer seeing this than seeing everyone in Bombay in a Herve Leger and carrying a Birkin, like factory-made replicas. I have always been critical of Sonam for trying too hard but I see a lot of people in London rocking this here on he streets and she wold fit right in.

  41. Anita at | | Reply

    love Sonam’s look!! Indians need to be more open minded in regards to fashion! Sonam is a trendsetter!

    I’m sure some people here would’ve loved the look if some hollywood actress did it but since it’s Sonam people hate for no reason!


    1. P at | | Reply

      I take great great objection to all this INDIAN-NESS being mentioned in the comments. Sarah Jessica Parker, victoria beckham, blake lively are all style icons without this foolishness. It’s plain OTT, Indian or non-Indian.

      1. just me at | | Reply

        I know right! I was surprised to see all these “if it was some Hollywood star people would have liked it” comments! To the ones saying that – is nationality the criterion by which *you* like/dislike a look? I can’t think of anyone who could carry off the exact same outfit, hair and same overdose of makeup – it’s a recipe for a pucca fashion fail!

        I’ve just seen the pics of Rekha at Esha Deol’s reception and looking at Sonam in the third pic I see the same WTHeyyyyness with the cakey make up, the ott blush and then to add to it the loud lipstick. Methinks “moderation” is an alien concept for Sonam/her stylists! Or if one has decided to go ott then at least choose the right occasion and dial back the tackiness.

  42. Aditi at | | Reply

    Sonam is like a living high fashion barbie doll. so fabulous!

  43. Ahot at | | Reply

    Girlfriend is rocking the hell out of this! If this is a new direction (started with that Mc Queen eveyone hated), i am all for it.
    A true fashionlover reinvent himself every now & then, Sonam is on the right path imo. One big rule is never to let people see you coming. She is versatile & i like it!

  44. dot at | | Reply

    red lips with those coloured shoes? :S nu-uh

  45. Aparna at | | Reply

    Its edgy. Its different. Its so what anyone else would think twice before they do. I give props for that !! She looks beautiful no doubts about it.

  46. sayee at | | Reply

    i hate the outfit ..the hair ……the makeup ……. n da way she looks …… the good thing are the loboutins …..

  47. Hellenist at | | Reply

    Since when did fashion have to be pragmatic…you go out with that hairdo with half the cheek she’s got and let me see who dares call that anything other than real spunk…high fashion is creative in the truest sense…which is beyond rhyme or reason,and if anybody has a problem understanding that,they should just stick to the maudlin desecrated imitations Bollywood supposedly calls fashion…

  48. Hellenist at | | Reply

    I forgot to add that I said that for the look itself, but I have to agree…this woman has no presence at all,its so easy to miss her,it actually looks pretty contrived, almost half the time she is sweating under the weight of the look shes supposed to carry with ease…

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