1. Why cover up the necklace with hair, Sonam? Isn’t it supposed to make a statement here?

    Ms. Singh looks amazing as always.

  2. Sonam! Sonam! Sonam! Gosh, breathtaking. It’s so difficult to not look over whelmed by that jewellery and outfit but she makes the jewellery stand out which is the main purpose. Major Love!

  3. Sonam is the only good thing about this terrible show. Her beautiful face salvages the look. On Chitrangada, the bangs have got to go. The gown is hideous. A beautiful woman ,wonder what happened?

  4. first of all..they should have worn their hair up..to showcase the jewellery.n second why they wear such blingy outfits if they want the jewels to shine..i like sonam’s look n jewellery more..chitrangada’s gown is just ugly!! it is making her look big n taking the attention away from jewellery!!

  5. Sonam looks lovely. The hair is not hiding the jewellery. We can see parts of it and its rightly showcased. Chitrangada looks horrific. She does not look good with bangs and her gown is just ugly.

  6. Sonam looks stunning in this outfit. Honestly, I think she’s the ONLY “model” at the Jewelry Fashion Show who actually wore clothes that lets the jewelry shine. I kinda wish her hair was up so we could see the gorgeous necklace but she still looks better than all the other “showstoppers”.

    Chitrangda’s dress is a MESS! She’s got so much going on that you can’t even see the jewelry. Completely OTT!


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