1. Like the dress, the shoes, the clutch. The earrings have got to go though! They look like mini Christmas ornaments. As far as the hair goes, I don’t like the bangs along with the length. The make-up isn’t all that great either.

  2. Gorgeous neck down, drab neck up. And that’s very hard for someone with a face like Sonali’s! yeah, the hair and makeup are really too drab.

  3. she has such a beautiful face.. but neither of the haircuts or wigs do it justice.. nopes.. long hair might be boring but it suits her best.. don’t think the dress is too remarkable eiither.

  4. Her hair is too thin to go bob… she should cut it shorter to look good. But with the waves and bangs she reminds me of Gayatri Joshi (Swades)
    Not bad…

  5. You know, Sonali Bendre is one of those women who always look beautiful – no matter what she’s wearing. She’s just so freaking cute!

    Now ofcourse we have our preferences on what looks better on her, relatively speaking. And my verdict on this hairstyle: it does not look that good, again relatively speaking, compared to her other looks.

  6. OMG before i read the caption i was like “Is this sonali’s younger sister…..looks like her but way younger!”. so i love the look….suits her…n plus i also jus got bangs with waist length hair so mebbe im jus baised…lol…


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