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  1. Kanan at | | Reply

    She looks fab! I like her with longer hair better.

    The undergarment is showing in the pic on top right.

  2. Soujanya at | | Reply

    Is it Sonali? really? the eye make up looks way too much and the hair doesnot work at all for me!

  3. Megha at | | Reply

    really cute hair!!

    dress is a bit odd though…

  4. h at | | Reply

    very ugly extensions..pitch black hair/sticky bangs isnt looking too good on her either

  5. SDN at | | Reply

    Uh-oh.. almost ghastly make-up. Maybe her short crop was better?

  6. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Like the dress, the shoes, the clutch. The earrings have got to go though! They look like mini Christmas ornaments. As far as the hair goes, I don’t like the bangs along with the length. The make-up isn’t all that great either.

  7. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Nooo..the short hair is so much better.The bangs look seriously ugly.
    Not impressed with the dress either.

  8. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Btw, is she preggers?

  9. Ritu at | | Reply

    Gorgeous neck down, drab neck up. And that’s very hard for someone with a face like Sonali’s! yeah, the hair and makeup are really too drab.

  10. debs at | | Reply

    nope…doesnt work for me.

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    the bob was so much more chic (i’m all about the chic) the wig is HORRIBLE (as is the makeup)
    love everything neck down though

  12. hmm at | | Reply

    she has such a beautiful face.. but neither of the haircuts or wigs do it justice.. nopes.. long hair might be boring but it suits her best.. don’t think the dress is too remarkable eiither.

  13. AMM at | | Reply

    I like the hair! a different look

  14. Charan at | | Reply

    Her hair is too thin to go bob… she should cut it shorter to look good. But with the waves and bangs she reminds me of Gayatri Joshi (Swades)
    Not bad…

  15. Nidhi at | | Reply

    She looks terrible in all the pics – especially the pink salwar kameez one. I miss her old days long straight hair.

  16. HK at | | Reply

    I think she looks good, somehow looks much younger with the bangs!

  17. jabina at | | Reply

    the bangs are killing the long hair..i think her short do looks a bit better now that it grew out a bit..damn hair really changes a persons appearance

  18. FARAH at | | Reply

    i normally like her coz she carries herself with dignity, but in the dress she is really looking TACKY!

  19. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    Ooh I like it:)

  20. chaahi at | | Reply

    i want her with long straight hair and no bangs. how can someone so pretty look so bad! :(

  21. Kashmira at | | Reply

    No bangs please! this doesn’t look like her at all :(

  22. saya at | | Reply

    Her smile is scary sorts in the second pic, maybe the make up. Long hair works but those bangs have to go.

  23. K at | | Reply

    You know, Sonali Bendre is one of those women who always look beautiful – no matter what she’s wearing. She’s just so freaking cute!

    Now ofcourse we have our preferences on what looks better on her, relatively speaking. And my verdict on this hairstyle: it does not look that good, again relatively speaking, compared to her other looks.

  24. K at | | Reply

    @ Charan: Yea! I always thought Sonali and Gayatri are very similar looking. Well both are beautiful Marathi women.

  25. Nidhi at | | Reply

    @ Not a Sheep

    OMG, I too think she may be preggers.

  26. Violet at | | Reply

    I am sorry but i find that first dress very ugly. It looks very drab. She is beautiful though.

  27. Rachita at | | Reply

    OMG before i read the caption i was like “Is this sonali’s younger sister…..looks like her but way younger!”. so i love the look….suits her…n plus i also jus got bangs with waist length hair so mebbe im jus baised…lol…

  28. Renuka at | | Reply

    why is her bra showing?? i prefer the bob to this one..!!

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