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  1. kumar at | | Reply

    FINally! that green and black combo is such a chic look on her. perfect touch of shoes n bag too. plz continue dressin on those lines sonali,

  2. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    love the color and the bag but those shoes are fugly!

  3. QueenBee at | | Reply

    She looks so prettyyy.. i love her in the white pants. The green top is Delish..Shaheen Abbas was wearing the same green james ferraira as a dress for her araaish exhibition wth the same style of jimmy choos..

  4. Iris at | | Reply

    i LOVE that green top! any idea where it’s available?

  5. sonal at | | Reply

    love Sonali in yellow and white- the outfit, bag, hair. would have looked better if there were no belt.

  6. merrykissmahass at | | Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! She’s looking like a million bucks in BOTH the looks, though i do prefer the first one. It’s women like her who keep us motivated to not let go of ourselves.

  7. tanya laporta at | | Reply

    hey..please learn what color blocking is ..I would not classify either one of the looks as color blocking..especially green on black !!!

  8. Krk05 at | | Reply

    Wearing a color with basic black is not color blocking !

  9. anne at | | Reply

    NONE. both are bad

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