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  1. Sunanda at | | Reply

    I’m LOVING the dress.

  2. mara at | | Reply

    she has the most classy face around. very refreshing . love those legs!

  3. SS at | | Reply

    fierce yet lovely.

    1. POP at | | Reply

      Sorry, nothing fierce about this look!
      She looks gorgeous, but it’s no different (sequin dress+ pumps) from what you see us regular girls wear to parties.

      1. Suomi at | | Reply

        I agree! Also want to add in a note about the overuse of hair extensions!
        Practically very single Indian woman in the spotlight has extensions plastered on! When o when can we get to see more bobs, pixie cuts…jeez even shoulder length hair seems to be too short in India!

      2. mirror at | | Reply

        why does a look need to have too much to make it interesting. this look is effortless. and whats wrong with her dressing up like “us regular girls”. thats what she reps – “us regular girls”. just because shes a celeb doesnt mean she should stop thinking like normal regular people.

  4. npm at | | Reply

    Where’s the bottom half of the outfit?

  5. asha at | | Reply

    wowow! she looks hot! damn, i would’ve worn that dress if I had a body like hers, with a ponytail though….

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