1. I love that this girl doesn’t conform to others’ standards of “dressing for her body type”
    She obviously loves her body as it is and celebrates her curves
    She looks just lovely here

  2. She looks good here…glad she did not tuck in the shirt…but still wish she had chosen some other pants instead of these leather leggings!!

  3. She looks quite lovely from the waist up. The shirt, the makeup, the smile are all great. But man, those leather jeggings need to be thrown out!! The folds and bulges are absolutely unacceptable. Dressing for your body type does not mean forcing yourself to fit into things that should be banished to wardrobe Neverland!

  4. Why Sonakshi? You know that jeggings, leggings worn as pants are a complete no no for your body type. You still dont get it, do you? Sigh. And those sandals are ghastly as well.

  5. Lol! I really should have known – here come the body-type police

    pray why is noone skinny ever asked to dress for their body type
    i.e. skinny people – wear what you like. people with any curves whatsover – better read the body-type dressing encyclopedia

  6. A bit confused about the criticism of the folds in the jeggings. Usually it looks bad if the flesh is spilling over. Here it looks a bit like a chudidar and not a crime against fashion:) And this girl is quite toned even if she is not a size zero so she can wear most stuff. I don’t know if there are body types either – its not as if every size zero looks good in the prescribed garment.


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