In Payal Singhal


While in Jaipur for movie promotions, Sonakshi was photographed in a Payal Singhal suit. Earrings from Astha Jagwani and rings from Maithili Kabre and Prerto completed her look.

Can’t remember the last time we saw a patiala/dhoti-salwar on these pages… The look sure makes for a refreshing change. That said, we can’t be the only ones baffled by the addition of that leather jacket? Would’ve been leagues better without it!

P.S: Why did Ms. Sinha have to go add red ombré tips to her hair? Why?

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Sonakshi Sinha At Tevar Promotions

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Sonakshi Sinha At Tevar Promotions


  1. It’s mid December. … In jaipur. . . Has anyone thought that probably she might be feeling a little cold. …. hence the jacket… After all actors are humans too :/

  2. I like that she paired it with a letter jacket and shades. That being said, the cuts on her curta are really unflattering and just wrong.

  3. An actress in Bollywood finally does something different with her hair and it’s a problem?

    As for the outfit, it’s Jaipur and it’s Winter. She was probably cold.

  4. It’s very cold in JAIPUR And the leather jacket was probably the only thing she could find because I’m sure not a lot of people elsewhere know how cold it gets in rajasthan.

  5. The ugliest part of a patiala is where all the gathers bunch up at the crotch- why would you want to highlight that??? That kurta with a sleek pair of pants may have worked better.

  6. I don’t mind the hair at all…I noticed it in one of her previous pics…She can pull it off so why not?

    I really like the patiala she is wearing..always wanted one of those since watching a TV series as a kid on Punjab terrorists ( or freedom fighters depending on what side you are on )..the outfits the women wore were similar to the one above..and those shoes..Love those..Some day….


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