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  1. Lily at | | Reply

    It’s nice to see her in a saree after so long. And I agree, she’s looking great!

  2. samir at | | Reply

    That’s an interesting sari…but what is she wearing in the name of blouse?

  3. Ranij at | | Reply

    Looking good but I wish the blouse was different

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  4. Reena at | | Reply

    shes a major babe.

  5. Venus at | | Reply

    Wow she looks hot!

  6. sree at | | Reply

    The blouse looks really odd with the sari.

  7. Hansini at | | Reply

    Hate the blouse, but that face…

  8. RM at | | Reply

    Looked great ??? are you serious.. in my mind the blouse took it to the “tacky” ….

  9. Trupti at | | Reply

    She’s looks okay, but how is this festive? It’s very boring for the said occasion…

  10. Pav at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic, what a departure from her last couple of looks! And not every one needs to go to a Diwali party looking like they walked out of Manish Malhotra’s bridal store.

  11. vintagegirl at | | Reply

    Very pretty girl but always off with make up and clothes.

  12. Diya at | | Reply

    Love the sari, she looks hot. Needed a better blouse

  13. shwetha at | | Reply

    the blouse is so not her, cheapens the whole look :(

  14. Tania at | | Reply

    Neck up she looks beautiful but that sari is rather drab for the occasion.

  15. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    Don’t much like the saree and that ‘blouse’. Her face is glowing though!

  16. Violet at | | Reply

    LOVE. This was different from all the pink cheery lehengas and tacky bling. hottt babe

  17. Zee at | | Reply

    That blouse really takes down the entire look. Unflattering and incongruous.

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  18. shilv at | | Reply

    Sonakshi, the only woman in the entire industry, who gives me the impression of a girl-from-a-good-family-with-good-values.
    All the others are just trying hard to look hot and cool and what not.

    Never change lady!
    You are REAL

  19. Chau at | | Reply

    Super sexy…this is how a simple saree with sexy blouse can bring you up in style…loving the straight n sleekiness!!!!

  20. Candace at | | Reply

    I’m not feeling that blouse at all

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