1. why do you ladies keep featuring her on the blog?! she has such a terrible sense of fashion and wears the most hideous outfits “designed” >_<

  2. Hee hee, couldnt resist saying that she is “neck deep” in fashion trouble with this mess of a “dress”

    So not for her body type, you need a MUCH longer neck like sonam to pull this one

  3. i seriously want to see her in regular clothes – t shirts and jeans.. and none of this misfit style. why is so obsessed with kallol dutta type clothes

  4. fine line between quirky and weird. This is plane weird. she’s got a nice face. and oodles of talent. why does she keep doing this? some sort of statement?

  5. Firstly this isn’t miss Khandwala it is sona mohapatra. She is wearing Payal Khandwala creation. There is nothing wrong in trying different looks. This look in fact suits her and she looks good in it. It looks different on ramp and different in real life. If you’ll don’t know how fashion works none of you’ll can comment on how she is wearing what she is wearing. That’s why sona mohapatra is in the limelight and none of you’ll are in her shoes since you’ll are bored just criticising people! Get a life!!!!!!!!


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