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  1. anoo at | | Reply

    its not tht baaaad…..just wish she did smthin to her hair….get rid of the bangs maybe???dnt they everrrr grow out????weird…

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like the shoes
    ..zzzzzz (If I’m not talking, I’m sleeping, or brooding- whatever)

  3. charan at | | Reply

    I like this length of the pant, it looks chic and i think its very legal to wear this length denim.
    Btw, guess who borrowed pearls from mommy?

  4. kajal at | | Reply

    fugly pearls!!!! she needs a stylist..doesnt the show have one?

  5. debs at | | Reply

    its quite okay. staid and boring but not hideous or anything. i dont mind her clothes as much as her hair.

  6. Nick at | | Reply

    I like her shoes.. that is all I like. I wouldn’t mind the top.. but the hair + the pearls together (..rings grandma in my head). The length of the denims is ok I guess if she is wearing particularly nice footwear.

  7. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    It’s really not that bad, except for the hair. Why won’t she fix it?

  8. rr at | | Reply

    she probably has that hair because it’s a good style to have if you are not happy with your profile ex. a long nose that you are not too fond of would not attract attention with this hair as it would if hair was styled differently.

  9. Kiwi at | | Reply

    She’s actually looking OK(normally looks hideous) for a change, she needs to chop off all her hair, its very stringy/flyaway and she needs a simple shorter cut -somehow her hair never looks OK and that’s a function of not just the cut but the hair quality.

  10. Elysia at | | Reply

    Love the shoes….

  11. siddharth at | | Reply

    She is looking different and fresh and attractive unlike several other celebrities who always end up looking like wannabes. I like everything about this look of hers.

  12. kaya at | | Reply

    The thing with Soha that instantly occurs to me is she is classy in this world of pretense and trashy-ness. Despite all the awful work/game shows she’s succumbed to I still mange to like her because I find the classiness outshines anything else… so she looks ok.. nice. And I love the entire family…so.

  13. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I swear i have seen Debra Messing wearing the exact same outfit circa 1998 or something like that in an episode of Will and Grace..i think she’s a really pretty girl and has a lot of talent but isn’t chasing after the title of a bollywood fashionista or anything…

  14. the mad momma at | | Reply

    whats with that collar thing? it looks weird. and i am sick of her hair. i wish she’d get over her nose and fix her hair. now its just two eyesores instead of one!

  15. Madhu at | | Reply

    Completely aggree with Siddharth.

  16. Somya at | | Reply

    Kindly check the URL – It’s a mango top ! :) I dig the top but Soha doesn’t own this one at all, pairing something so funky with classic pearls is just bad fashion judgement! :(

  17. Jazz at | | Reply

    Oh and her hairstyle always reminds me of Salman Khan in Tere Naam. LOL and I found that HIDEOUS on him and I find it even more so on Soha :P

  18. TAMARA at | | Reply

    well how difficult is it to look pretty ?? ask this girl ;-) no matter wat she does nthing works on this gurl :-(

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