1. that hair i swear is so friggin annoying!always the same like from the 60s or something, like how her mom and all used to wear with winged eyeliner. the outfit is ok.

  2. i think she looks vereeee good…..but i have serious issues wit her hair…she needs to change her hairstyle cos even if she is dressed well her hair is always her major letdown …ages her by 10 years at least….

  3. o god…whats with HHC. I love her dress and color palette.
    Its so better than super lenghty anarkalis ladies wear and she is much better here than sonam is black ‘adams family ‘dress.

  4. Disagree! Credit where it’s due…she looks comfy and is having fun in that outfit! Good for her! Also, special mention to how fit she keeps herself! :)


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