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  1. shilpa at | | Reply

    she looks fantastic!!!!!!!in the mood for dancing and clubbing

  2. RM at | | Reply

    Am not sure I even like the pop of Red agst the nude..
    so is this the shimmer season for Shilpa..

  3. white at | | Reply

    i actually quite like what she wears here. its soo different from what she usually wears. she almost looks like a Hollywood celebrity. n she carries off the colour really well. its succha relief that shes not wearing something body-hugging for once!!! like the shoes as well. she really looks nice…………=)

  4. apsara77 at | | Reply

    i actually think she wears the dress pretty well but it’s the accessories that’s the downer, especially the shoes..i don’t think the silver goes that well with it..btw, i am assuming it was an evening event, with all that bling?

  5. Tina at | | Reply

    I am sure this dress looks stunning in person. She looks great i think. minus the shoes…

  6. KP at | | Reply

    i quite like it

  7. frutu at | | Reply

    me likes!!

  8. amber at | | Reply

    the only thing i disapprove are of those shoes.. everything else seem to be ok with me.. love her makeup here!

  9. Kiwi at | | Reply

    The dress would have worked with edgier shoes. The smile is very plastic

  10. Poo at | | Reply

    shilpa rocks!!! she has amazing body and face to carry any outfits with grace.

  11. sri at | | Reply

    She has quite an obsession with light pink and silver! remem the pink sari with silver ball??

  12. probster at | | Reply

    face very plastic….great body! great dress! bad choice for shoes.

  13. sri at | | Reply

    shilpa’s pose seems premeditated…look at all her pictures. same pose!

  14. Vanaja at | | Reply

    She looks fab here. Love her ear rings as well.

  15. Hema at | | Reply

    Love everything, except the shoes. She looks great.

  16. Bili at | | Reply

    I disagree, she looks great.

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