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  1. KJ at | | Reply

    I am ready to overlook the gown and train with that face, hair and bod! wow

  2. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks pretty hot. The train makes the dress more interesting actually.

  3. kara at | | Reply


  4. Janet at | | Reply

    This is glamour at its best. It’s been a while since we have seen gowns on the red carpet. This is refreshing. Bollywood doesn’t have premieres anymore?

    On a side note, is it just me or does she look like Priyanka Chopra in her glamorous avatar from Don 2 where she’s wearing the black gown? Twins!

  5. sree at | | Reply

    The dress is slightly OTT but damn she looks hotter than ever! She has a killer body and face, a total stunner especially for her age!

  6. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

    This is classic Shilpa Shetty- the glitter, the sparkles all over, the snugly fitting gown and she pulls it off effortlessly. Girlfriend has it and sure enough will flaunt it. She appears to be confident and in her element…what’s not to like?

  7. Priya at | | Reply

    Smoking hot!

  8. Farzana at | | Reply

    Hi P&P, I cannot view any of the pictures anymore. I am using IE10. Any help?

  9. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks so bloody awesome. Glamour done right. And what a bod!!!

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