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  1. ROckRepublic at | | Reply

    finally a Prashant Verma sighting on an A-lister!! this designer is SOOOO friggin talented!!!!! what not to love – the dress, shoes, mcqueen!!! ok i seriously gotta stop drooling all over this keyboard.

    1. vixen at | | Reply


  2. shaila at | | Reply

    she looks fab. i’m so jay.

  3. Neeru at | | Reply

    Looking great….!!! can’t go wrong

  4. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    ewwwugly dress luks like she threw up on herself…
    puke puke**…
    ya shoes r definitely lustworthy….

    1. spongy at | | Reply

      lolzzzz…exactly my thot..

  5. rakhi at | | Reply

    wow she looks amazing …wish i had a body like hers

  6. Seerat at | | Reply

    I dont like such (origami -) dresses…or whtever they are called.Plus color combo..sucks.Shoes are yummyyyyy

  7. vileo at | | Reply

    I am a novice to the Fashion industry. can someone pls explain the rationale behind the sometimes weird/awkward/unreal getups on the ramp (such as the headgear & other non-dress related things on the models here or sometimes weird looking hair makeup)..what objective is achieved through such strange getups thanks in advance

  8. vandana at | | Reply

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE those shoes. Seriously want.

  9. Priyanka at | | Reply

    The shoes make her toes look bad..
    I wish her toes would come together more in those shoes. :/

  10. Geethanjali at | | Reply

    Gorgg dress !! Very futuristic i must say. That two-toned hair of shilpa is not working though….a lighter tone must have been a little better. Those killer legs are to die for

  11. Sej at | | Reply

    What a fugly dress. Disappointing considering she’s been doing so well of late – love the shoes and clutch though.

  12. blanko at | | Reply

    yeah like someone else pointed out, it looks like an alien puked on her dress!

  13. igor at | | Reply

    FINALLY!!!!! prashant verma is SOOOOOOO underrated in India….the guy is one of the few designers who has got a brain on his head….he needs to be noted and worn more often…..SOOO HAPPY!!!!!1

  14. john at | | Reply

    people should start discovering prashant verma already …tired of all the girly fashion around

  15. thia at | | Reply

    hey how come i have never seen these runway photos on your blog before???? you havnt done a proper photo post on sabya’s 2010 aw collection either!!!!!


  16. RB at | | Reply

    that’s quite a change from her usual herve leger dresses.. now how abt changing ur hairstyle ms shetty??

    1. Surabhi at | | Reply

      I agree. I think an amazing haircut is the only thing missing. Ms. Shetty has got it all!

  17. Shiva at | | Reply

    as fab the prashant verma is, am jus tired of shilpa..
    whatver she wears, she somehw luks the same all d time!!!!

  18. Dee at | | Reply

    The dress is nice…However, after reading some of the ‘puke’ print comments above…I do think it looks like someone threw up on the dress…lol!! She looks great though…love her overall look..shoes and all.

  19. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She looks like “Royalty!” ;) Well done Shilpa, well done!!

    1. annie at | | Reply

      royalty? as in queen elizabeth?

  20. kanika at | | Reply

    alien puke ha ha.. Prashant verma is so over rated f.. thank god he didnt put his face on this dress too…

  21. Candy at | | Reply

    shilpa is really beautiful and always dresses right but she really needs to gain some pounds! her bones are poppin out!

  22. Desiette at | | Reply

    PnP I think Shilpa is wearing Sergio Rossi Plaque sandal ankle boots. What do you think?

  23. amber at | | Reply

    absolutely love those gorgeous heels!!

  24. krk at | | Reply

    the dress is a hot mess wit the print and the draping. Also, why isn’t this a “matchmuch”….everything is gold & black !!

  25. vishnupadi at | | Reply

    She’s got a loaded ensemble and knows how to use it. Go Shilpa!

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