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  1. RK at | | Reply

    Good Morning Priyanka…….

    Wrong tag on pic… AB can not look like that!!!!!!


  2. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I don’t like this dress at all!

    1. kasthhuri at | | Reply

      Me too. Its short, tight and shiny. Thats always a recipe for disaster.

  3. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    the girl is getting cuter every day

  4. kumar at | | Reply

    YUck, ugly dress!

  5. Dex at | | Reply

    I would die for legs like that..
    that necklace is tacky..

  6. Amber at | | Reply

    Not huge on the fit of the lower half of this dress but i don’t mind the necklace because her ears are completely bare

  7. RS at | | Reply

    Umm…granted she is lovely and young with a great figure but does she have to wear the same kind of dresses all the time? (short, extremely tight) She reminds me of Emma Watson. I want to see her in a loose ethnic kurta.

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