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  1. luxafarianfashion at | | Reply

    I also love the first dress!! i want the skirt!! may be I’ll DIY

  2. shireen at | | Reply

    Good thing she’s such a stunner.

  3. Rashmi at | | Reply

    P & P, Wer can I get my hands on those pumps in India (suede ones if m nt wrong)..

    1. Payal at | | Reply

      Try Aldo.

  4. GossipGurl at | | Reply

    This girl always gets an almost from me. I don’t know why but there’s either too much happening or it just falls too bland for my liking. The pic on the left what’s that random blue thing in her hair and the right that belt just throws it off completely! It’s a neither from me

  5. wonderwoman at | | Reply

    looks like a dummy changed outfits

  6. Anushka at | | Reply

    Why the blue pumps with a black dress?

  7. diptiN at | | Reply

    both outfits are horrendous. what is the purpose of that awful black belt? and those purple shoes!! I do like her clutch bags.

  8. SMM at | | Reply

    P & P, I think the skirt on the keft is from the latest pre autmn collection of Kazo. The print and cut of the skirt does seem the that. I almost bought the skirt because I loved the print but didn’t buyit because the belt was rather uncomfortable.

  9. Mel at | | Reply

    why does she thrust her chest out like that.The foral is pretty.I just find animal prints hideous!

  10. kin at | | Reply

    Is it just me, or do both these dresses seem like Dolce and Gabbana, particularly the one that Bhavna Pandey wore to the Dabangg Success Bash?

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