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    Love it!

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    Hmmm somehow I’m not too impressed with this sari. I guess I just never managed to like prints with splotches of random colours. I remember when Aishwarya went to Cannes with Provoked she had worn a dress (not on the red carpet) which looked like a black base material with random ugly colours splattered on. It looked grotesque. Similarly I can’t bring myself to like the print on Sharmila’s sari; it’s just too busy and somehow the sari looks old and ‘oily’.

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    She’s looking lovely but whats on her shoulder. That too of different color. But looks fabulous in her previous appearances.

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    love it love it! she is getting it right each time, so age appropriate, so time/location appropriate. not going overboard, just love it!

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    why wud anybody wear such a simple saree to a Festival like Cannes??? my mum wud wear this to go shopping or smthng!!!

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    Oh my god she looks too gorgeous in this chiffon sari – really classy and elegant.

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    p&p lots of love


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    I’d dump the shawl if I were her.

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    although she looks simple and elegant – this saree is a big NO NO for me….looks very garden saree types – not fit for cannes – especially when this is a great oppurtunity to show -off amazing indian ethnic classics like a lucknowi saree or bandhani even

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    Sharmila Tagore is my favorite among the old-time stars and looking at her, she makes aging beautiful. Rock-on lady. Much better saree compared to the ones she previously wore at Cannes. Gives a rather refreshing look. Luv it.

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    My mom had a saree just like this one, I love it :-)

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    classy !
    wonder how many of the current heroines will be so graceful at this age :)

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    i DONT think there is anything impressive about this sari at all.

    I mean she is beautiful..and she has much better sari;s than this and i am saying this as i have spent a day with her in delhi as she is my nani’s very good friend.

    I dont know im not a huge Sharmila Tagore fan..specially after i gt to know how she lobbied the national award for her son for hum tum.

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    absolutely elegant!!! I love that she is wearing printed chiffons and silks because that is so different from the usual solids that we see b’wood actressess in. Safe to say, Sharmila is in a class of her own!

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    she is class act. saw some of her interviews at cannes…not only is she poised, she is well spoken and confident!!

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    Such an elegant lady!

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    She is looking nice but the saru print isnt that great :(

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    Absolutely beautiful! She really reminds me of my mom because she used to wear saris like that when she first got married awwww :)

    I love her simple style, she doesn’t try to overdo it unlike alot of young bollywood women. Ladies, take some lessons from her!

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    sharmila’s rocking it man!! woop woop!

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    she shd change it up a bit and wear salwar or something… still classy.

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    she’s classy to the core.. and without looking like she is strying too hard..

  23. shivani at | | Reply

    she looks dignified.

  24. Kimmy at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely lovely!

  25. Anu at | | Reply

    Yes, she does.
    But now enough with the simpleton looks. Time for Sharmila to bring out the tigress -Pataudi style.
    Time to up the glamour a bit (Like how Kirron Kher does it).
    Don’t get me wrong — I’m not suggesting she copy someone’s style. It’s just that Kirron gets it right. So can Sharmila.

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    I dont know how people loved her previous Saris that were way too boring, especially the yellow one was a total disaster, this is by far the best look she has pulled, all her other Saris were extremely ordinary, finally its this Sari that makes me feel ok the woman knows something..

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    so often seen before on her, n agree with every one who says this-is-not-for-international-events like cannes… she could go with some rich stil elegant look which represent india.

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    Sharmila always looks stunning because of her innate beauty and her lovely composed personality. It’s because of this that she can pull off relatively plain outfits with elan, while others simply cannot. That being said, I don’t think this sari does her any justice. On any other person, it would look cheap and too casual for such a formal event. I would love to see her in a more grand, intricate outfit, perhaps a Sabyasachi. An elegant woman like Sharmila deserves an equally elegant sari.

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    looks lovely….. can someone please tell me where i can get something similar!!!

  30. herdisnot at | | Reply

    An opportunity missed to showcase some ethnic weaves for sure. However, judging solely on the garb and not the occasion, sharmila is well put together. The handbag is nice, the paschmina adds a classy touch. The jewelry is just the right amount. The saree is just flirting with the line of being too busy, but somehow manages not to cross or even touch it. Not my preference of a saree, as it looks like something out of a garden patch or a salad bowl. However, this begum pulls it off.

  31. Megha at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful as always but i dont like the sari
    have loved everything else she’s worn to cannes so far but this one looks too much like something an indian aunty would wear just for a trip to the grocery store

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    just cos shes wearing a french chiffon in france..doesnt make it OK!!shes indian royalty and an actress and I know indian royalty normally goes out of their way to look “understated”…but this is too much..
    its like wearing your pyjamas at a wedding.

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    the saree is too casual for the occasion. A plain chiffon saree with an embroidered border would have worked better.

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    She ALWAYS manages to impress me, I’m lovin it!:D

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