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  1. tanya at | | Reply

    Jeetendra should be banned from attending any wedding. Sneakers, seriously?

    1. Dips at | | Reply

      Lol…seriously!!! Well said.

    2. kira at | | Reply

      Don’t these people have common sense no jeans at a wedding. Thanks goodness Sohil Khan don’t wear those ugly flip flops.

    3. Asha at | | Reply

      lol! Jeetendra looks like he off to run some errands around town.

    4. KJ at | | Reply

      Who knows? May be daughter Ekta Kapoor got him these special shoes that he has to wear everywhere! ;) :P

      1. Indigirl at | | Reply

        ROFL LMAO ……..

  2. Mahzabin at | | Reply

    Shah Rukh classy as always! <3

  3. Zara at | | Reply

    Jeans?? Sneakers?? For the amount of wealth and power these men have, it’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t put on a decent suit or kurta for a freaking wedding. I’m not a fan of the tacky, blinged out clothing some of the female attendees wore, but wearing jeans strikes me as disrespectful.

    1. kira at | | Reply

      i agree with totally, it’s like they have no respect.

  4. suzy q at | | Reply

    damn john abraham he be fine in whatever he wears…although i guess in india, “formal” clothing also takes into consideration how expensive the garment was, be it jeans or a suit. so in some way, by wearing expensive clothes, the denim-wearers were making an effort.

    the other men in jeans aren’t john, so they just look terrible and out of place.

    1. Sev at | | Reply

      John is quite dapper in his crisp shirt and jeans. He appears almost formal and event-appropriate.

  5. Sandra at | | Reply

    seriously agree with you about the disgraceful denims. SRK’s shoes are quite ok by me :)

  6. Rosy at | | Reply

    I guess John can fit in to a suit! He showed up the same way to KJ’s Koffee show.Whats up with Boman’s face? sunburn? tan? makeup?

  7. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I am so glad you pointed out that wearing denim of any kind is such a no-no at a shaadi, unless it’s a ‘western’ or ‘country’ theme. It is so seriously disrespectful to the couple that’s getting married and their family. I am seriously disappointed in Jeetendra..can we imagine one of the heroines from his hey days, like Jaya Prada or Rekha showing up in denim of any kind? Why can’t men make more of an effort? Makes me appreciate all the guys who wore traditional clothing..even Jackie Bhagnani with his desi version of ‘joseph and the technicolor dream coat’ type kurta looks better than the guys on the bottom row..and no, wearing a pair of expensive jeans is still not ‘formal’ or wedding worthy attire…

  8. Simsim at | | Reply

    What is it with these guys that they can’t dress it up? Jeans at a wedding, seriously!! Inevitably they’ll be standing next to their dressed-to-the-nines wives/gfs. How embarrassing.

  9. Ena at | | Reply

    Boman nails the day-wedding suit look – So dapper!
    N if only SRK had polished his shoes!
    And also, sunglasses at an indoors wedding – seriously?!

  10. Nick at | | Reply

    Big holler for senior citizens fitness from Jeetendra

  11. Balquis at | | Reply

    Boman and Sunil look pretty good.

  12. dee at | | Reply

    who wears jeans to a wedding?

  13. rina at | | Reply

    How can anyone wear jeans to a wedding. Disgusting. SRK shoes need a shine. Else he and Boman look dapper :)

  14. diptiN at | | Reply

    SRK wears the most beautifully tailored shirts. She looks soooo handsome.

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      sorry meant to say He

  15. Sonal at | | Reply

    LOLing at Sohail’s shoes!!

  16. forhhc at | | Reply

    Okay – SRK is wearing grey shoes – NOT unpolished shoes …

  17. Dee at | | Reply

    I agree with what everyone’s saying…wearing jeans to a wedding is like saying ‘I don’t care that it’s your big day — It’s just a regular day for me!’ SRK looks good minus the shoes.

  18. paroma at | | Reply

    Yeah, Boman Irani looks good – that suit fits really well.

    Jeetendra is hilarious!!

  19. Asha at | | Reply

    I completely agree with everyone that jeans are so disrespectful, like the wedding isn’t worth the extra effort to dress up.

    Boman Irani looks so dapper!

    And John Abraham, he looks soo good, despite his major faux pas!

  20. Tanu at | | Reply

    First of all, its extremely disrespectful for these men to show up in jeans to a wedding. And theyre not even poor. they have money to buy a pair of dress pants. cmon.

  21. Dimpy at | | Reply

    How disgusting of these men to dare go in jeans to a wedding reception. They should not go if they don’t want to dress properly. They’ll ruin the pictures.

    And Sohail – dude, you’re not even wearing closed shoes! Time and time again you show up in jeans to every fancy event. Have some respect man. Youre so rich and cant manage to even buy a suit? Rubbish!

  22. Phoenix at | | Reply

    AGREE WITH EVERYONE – SO so so disrespectful.

  23. bongbabe at | | Reply

    “Seriously, when did that become okay?” as PnP said.

    I agree with you on the jeans – but then again since when is it ok to show up looking like kangana ranaut, either?! why applaud her then for “breaking the mold” etc??

  24. shazia at | | Reply

    I just cant think of jeetendra ‘s sneakers ………He looks damn young is the only thing I see here ……….

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