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  1. SS at | | Reply

    The sarees are unquestionably gorgeous… I cannot say that of her tacky jewelery!

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous !! Love her in the orange saree ! So beautiful. And one of the few women we see in this blog who know how to wear a saree.

  3. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the Dream Girl!

  4. HHCaddict at | | Reply

    sublime lady

  5. sri at | | Reply

    we almost always see her in pink..it was exciting to see her in orange and red saree!

  6. mary at | | Reply

    hooray for the most beautiful woman in India.

  7. dignity at | | Reply

    Dignity, thy name is Hema! Totally beautiful, totally dignified, totally independent. Love the true Dream Girl!

  8. S at | | Reply

    i think the saris are very sloppily tied and everything. but she’s old, so who gives.

  9. hemastillrules at | | Reply

    For all it matters, this “old” lady can give a huge inferiority complex to some of the young stars. Hema can still turn heads. I hope to look as gorgeous. Early sixties, but the bloom is still on this rose. I look forward to more of her, for she brought Kanchipuram sarees to fashion way before Rekha.

  10. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    She looks lovely in the Gold & Orange saree :)

  11. dn at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in the orange and gold saree. The traditional colours suit her the best.

  12. Jo at | | Reply

    she looks classy.
    Hey P$ P where in New Delhi I can get Chanderi Sarees ?
    Does anyone know?

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