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  1. alti at | | Reply

    I don’t know why, but I love it! I love the hair, the dress, not so much the corset showing underneath, but I’ll let that pass.

    1. Mm at | | Reply

      Same here, love everything about the look, the hair, makeup and gown!

    2. sarah at | | Reply

      I have to agree I don’t mind it either! Face has a nice glow too!

  2. Saya at | | Reply

    Looks cheap & ugly.

  3. Asha at | | Reply

    rather tacky…that makeup, that gown, that hair.

  4. Monika at | | Reply

    Oh gosh..this is a mess

  5. D at | | Reply

    Oh gawd! That’s a disaster…

  6. AP at | | Reply

    oh God I love this! This look has so much character

  7. adi at | | Reply

    like a mother hen in a nightgown! terrible!

  8. Chhavi at | | Reply

    Her hair made the appearance worst, otherwise gown is nice and I liked the clutch as well.

  9. saba at | | Reply

    Less finer look?!
    This is seriously ugly!!

  10. vrinda at | | Reply

    Poor Sania!!!!

  11. Amu at | | Reply

    This is what happens when you don’t have any clue-fashion wise and you let someone else( a stylist)”dress you up”

    1. sara at | | Reply

      Pls advice in such cases what should people do? Leave their profession and study fashion?
      Isn’t this why stylist came in to picture. some of the comments on stars and no fashion sense and stylists are so confused they seem to come from high mighty fashion people of industry who have lived their life either in west or emulating west. Like the fashion or dislike it, why call out people on lack of fashion sense. When some stars get it right it is the stylists who get credit then why not when they don’t call the stylist out.

    2. lala at | | Reply

      I agree with Sara. A stylist exists for a reason. If all of us went ahead put fashion first and profession second, we would end up like Sonam Kapoor.

      1. Anya at | | Reply

        +1! Rotfl!

      2. Violet at | | Reply

        LOL but Sonam doesn’t style everything herself. She is often styled by her sister.

      3. Sara at | | Reply

        HAHA That is Witty!

      4. saba at | | Reply

        Haha. Nice one.
        But i do like sonam;)

    3. r at | | Reply

      The stylist in india r crazy i went this high end parlour in mumbai to get ready for enagagemnt before making the appoitment and after reaching there advised i am wearing a saree and just want my hair nice and straight and though i kept telling her no no no she ended up making me look like a aunty and with no time i looked bad wth this heavy makeup .. and not wanting to sound rude could no say no .. i think they just dont get it , may be she did not want ot be rude to the stylist .

    4. Amu at | | Reply

      i was not trying to offend anyone with my comment above^^. I have the highest respect for sania and don’t want her leave tennis and study fashion!! To my mind- and I could be wrong here, she looks super uncomfortable in the pics and that’s the reason for the “dress you up” comments.
      Fashion-to me is being comfortable in your own skin. Period. It’s not about emulating east or west. Case in point, Nandita Das, Tabu,Kangana Ranaut,Tisca Chopra and many others like them.
      Agree with “r” that stylist sometimes have no clue. Just because something’s trendy doesn’t mean every single girl should wear it.
      P.S Niether do I live in west nor do I emulate west. Peace????

      1. Amu at | | Reply

        Damn autocorrect :)

        1. Sara at | | Reply

          @ Amu:The later part of comment was not really aimed at your comment but many others who are constantly nagging on lack of style. I feel the stylist and celebrity relationship is very well understood by hollywood and likes where as we being new in the field, have yet to sort our thought process on it. Like celebrities who didn’t hire stylist where called out for it and now celebrities who hire are called out for lack of original style. People need to get a hang of this business without making it personal. Again this is not directed at your comment per se. I agree on being comfortable in your own skin but a lot of us need time and also may really never get it .In show business they don’t have that option, we on other hand do. Also if celebrities dress up in tank top and jeans all the time they will be seriously labeled frumpy and we will be back to the same loop. Thanks for taking it well. Peace!

  12. reviewYou at | | Reply

    The gown does no good to her, to make it worse that makeup and hairdo!! Yuck yuck yuck!

  13. rs at | | Reply

    Absolutely terrible. She has a very OTT sense of style. Have you seen the gargantuan rock she normally sportson her finger ? A 13 carat diamond apparently. It actually looks ugly, it’s so big.

  14. Shrewti at | | Reply

    I for one love this look, its super flattering on her. The makeup is little on the higher side but the hair is super cool. And this coming from Sania is a step-up! Also its funny when most people ask for a lot of people featured here to “get a stylist”, here she is being pulled up for actually having one!

  15. Violet at | | Reply

    EEEk. This was ghastly. Poor poor Sania. Tacky nightgown with a nightmarish hairstyle.

  16. arpitha at | | Reply

    Is she an actress ???

  17. S.I. at | | Reply

    She lacks style and class. Tries too hard and ends up looking like a wannabe. She should dress herself, dress simpler.

    1. vani-tea at | | Reply

      She may lack style, but I don’t believe you have enough background information to declare that she lacks class. Please let’s try to stick to the fashion and not berate people.

  18. Malaise at | | Reply

    some poor bird is homeless.

    1. Sheneitha at | | Reply

      ROFL…it looks like a huge nest alright!

  19. slc at | | Reply

    For a sports personality this is not bad at all.

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