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  1. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    I love that Jimmy Choo candy but i agree with you girls, the look doesnt quite come together. There are some awesome Jimmy Choo shoes with neon toe which i think Malaika wore recently. Those would have been perfect

  2. eclat at | | Reply

    Don’t know about everyone else, but I feel this is the best she’s looked in a while… Maybe because she’s dressed “normal” and not “wannabe indie fashionista/ hipster”?

  3. Lifetarka at | | Reply

    It’s the shoes and the neon bag which spoils the look

  4. Cheeky Thing at | | Reply

    Agree with you Priyanka.. the individual pieces are not so wrong .. but if i have to pin it then it would be the sandals … definitely not going with the whole casual neon trend that she is trying to portray …

  5. ts at | | Reply

    its the necklace, t wouldve been fine without it

  6. amber at | | Reply

    That necklace makes it look a bit tacky. Not lovin the shoes either. Hair looks good though

  7. jay at | | Reply

    Nonsense. She looks just lovely.

  8. Megha at | | Reply

    I think the accessories are to be blamed. Neon is not the way to go with this dress. She looks good though.

  9. shereen at | | Reply

    love the footwear

  10. olala at | | Reply

    1. that print with the neon
    2. that necklace with that neckline and hair

  11. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    She looks lovely… esp loved the neon addition… The shoes are a let down

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